What is Serpent’s Tongue

What is Serpent’s Tongue?

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Serpent’s Tongue is the name given by the Speakers (aka Magi) to what has been called many different names. What it is exactly depends on which culture you view it from. To some it will always be an arcane compendium of true magick. To others it is the holy adam’ic language used by God and angels to create the world. Some modern Magi see it as the ultimate codebreaker capable of hacking reality itself. To all Magi however, Serpent’s Tongue is the puissant path to power and liberation from the laws of our universe. The Tongue is a language, and in that language, the name Serpent’s Tongue is translated as Sehimu Thinara.

Where did it begin?

The prevailing myth about the origins of Serpent’s Tongue is that it is the bastardization of the angelic language of creation, used by the angels to create the world and by Adam to name it. It was subverted by the serpent in the Garden of Eden and taught to Eve in violation of the commandments of Adam. Originally, Adam was the only human ever meant to have the keys of creation.

For the inheritors of Eve’s knowledge that believe this legend, the serpent is hailed as the Light-bringer, for it was he that delivered this power unto mankind, albeit only an elite few. What the serpent’s purpose was in this, we can only guess…

Is this myth true? If any have evidence, they have not shared it with Magi generally. Other stories exist. This is merely the most common.

How does it work?

The exact metaphysics behind Serpent’s Tongue depends on one’s world perspective, but basic generalities may be pointed to.
Serpent’s Tongue is an encoded language. This means that it is more than just a collection of sounds; each syllable is encoded with a quantum field of possibility. By speaking the words correctly with the necessary willpower or ‘intent’, a Speaker unlocks the quantum field and brings its effect or conditions into creation.

Intent is for some reason a necessary ingredient to activating the encoded power of the language. There are many viewpoints as to why.

As an example, when a group of syllables that code for the quantum field of heat are correctly spoken with intent, that quantum field is activated and manifests in localized reality, either as a small candle flame or possibly a fiery whirlwind. The power of the effect depends on the preciseness of the syllables used and the focus of the Speaker’s intent.

Is that all there is to it?

Unfortunately no. To manifest a quantum field of possibility into our reality is still very difficult and unlikely, even with the encoded language of Serpent’s Tongue. The larger or more improbable the effect the more difficult and unlikely it becomes. Why? Perhaps the original Adam’ic language of creation was more pure and could create worlds with the perfect vibration of a single syllable while Serpent’s Tongue is only a poor imitation of it. OR perhaps at the beginning of time there was less reality already existing to interfere. Perhaps both. It is a topic on which Speaker academics may argue endlessly. Regardless, most Speaker’s agree that there is a force to our reality that keeps it in its shape and actively resists a Magi’s attempt to alter it. They call it the Tonal.

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