The Tonal

Obstacles To Using Serpent’s Tongue

By itself Serpent’s Tongue is unfortunately often ineffective, barely impacting reality when attempted on any grand scale. Small effects are possible but large, dramatic, world-shaping effects fail with a single Magi casting Serpent’s Tongue, even though in theory the language of creation does not care who speaks it. Humans do not have the physical or energetic capacity to speak it with precision and thus lack its full power.

Another factor limiting the ability of a Magi to change reality is something Magi call “the Tonal”. The Tonal heavily influences (and can even be described as) the structure of reality. It is comprised, amongst other things, the sum collective belief structures of mankind. (It is sometimes poetically called the Collective Dream of the Planet.) It creates a tremendous inertia to reality which therefore resists change. Bear in mind that the planet itself, the animals, everything in reality contributes somewhat to the current pattern of the Tonal.  When things do not fit the pattern of the Tonal, it is hard for them to exist for very long.  The Tonal applies constant pressure upon our perception centers to see the world as we currently see it.  The Tonal is not completely static, however. It shifts. The Tonal of 2000 years ago is different than the Tonal today, although still based upon the same essential patterns, creating a common Human experience from then to now.

Another third limiter is the way our planet was designed with 2/3 of its surface covered in salt water. Salt water in metaphysical circles is known as a void. It voids energetic change and keeps things static. Some believe Earth was designed this way to make it more resilient to those who would wantonly alter it and to protect it from inter-dimensional interference.

The Tonal in More Detail

So, the Tonal is the term used by Speakers to describe the active force that prevents one from altering reality.  The sum weight of billions of humans’ collective unconscious assume a mutually shared reality. In other words, the Tonal is the belief structure of all of the humans, magickal and mute, that expect gravity to work, for the planets to revolve and for penicillin to kill bacteria. They maintain a hard-to-shake belief that you cannot shape-shift, conjure tornadoes, melt steel with your bare hands, or catalog another’s thoughts — all the fun things a Magi might want to use Serpent’s Tongue for. The Tonal presses upon a Magi with inexorable and relentless force every moment of life, restricting both the Magi’s perception of reality and the use of true magick.

Hacking the Tonal

Magick can refer to many things. And many things can be described as magic, particularly technology. For this example we will use technological terms to describe what many see as a magickal effect. For modern Magi, this technological terminology is second nature. They see Serpent’s Tongue as software and the physical earth itself as hardware with the whole world — society, flora, fauna, the oceans, the skies and even the solar system — as the operating landscape. But without data access ports, the software is unable to sync correctly and unable to activate well. Thus just speaking Serpent’s Tongue by itself is often immediately snuffed out of possibility by the weight of the Tonal unless one has some good hardware to slice through the tonal and get into the true back end of the operating system of reality.

When Eve was taught the Serpent’s Tongue, it was only one piece required to shape reality. Sure, on her own she could Speak flowers into blooming early, or fruit to taste sweeter, or for her own body to have the necessary stamina to trudge the many miles out of paradise. But to create grand shifts of reality even locally, let alone worldwide, she required something more, just like the modern Magi. She required data access points. She required access to the hardware. Or in terms used for thousands of years, she required a place of power commonly referred to as a Sacred Site.

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