The Keepers

We are the Guardians at the Gates.

Reality hangs by a thread, its fabric tattered and weakened by the ignorant, the reckless, and the rebellious. Our traditions preserve this world by maintaining normalcy amongst the Mutes and caution amongst the Magi. We bend the minds of the former to seal this world away from harm and control the actions of the latter to keep the seals intact. 

The Keepers are the self-appointed stewards of Reality. Rising out of the ashes of Bab’el, they organized a structure to prevent the times of terror from ever returning. In those ancient days, they glimpsed the chaos and destruction that ensues when the doorways into this dimension are flung open; thus they keep those doors shut with their full weight pressed against them. Since then, Keepers have grown to dominate the planet, weaving themselves into every level of society of mute and Magi alike.

The Keepers believe the strongest power on this planet lays in the un-awakened minds of the masses because the Tonal, a term that describes the force and inertia of reality, is heavily influenced by the collective unconscious belief structures of Mankind. Thus a primary method of The Keepers is to use their extensive network of Sacred Sites and vast respository of knowledge, spells, Nam-shubs and rituals to control the Tonal by subtly texturing billions of minds on the planet.  “The greatest defense against demons is to simply not believe in them.”

The wrench in the Keepers’ great works is the Magi themselves. They themselves are Magi, and thus Magi are necessary to maintain their vigil, but so many Magi tear at the weave with reckless and discordant Magick. The Keepers monitor and track as many newly Awakened as they can, bringing them into their fold and processing them through decades-long training   programs, instilling in the new Magi respect for order and the traditions. Magi unaffiliated with the Keepers are seen as a danger, sometimes begrudgingly accepted, as in the case of the Unseen College, and other times viewed as an immediate threat that should be eradicated, such as the Disciples of Cain.

The Age of Awakening is causing much turbulence within the three sub-factions of the Keepers. Power structures are shifting; the other factions organize more than ever before; Magi fuse magick with the Mute technology of this time; Mutes themselves finally pose a danger to Magi; the list continues on and on.  But most importantly,  the world has more Magi alive and Awakened in one century than has been seen since Bab’el and the great ages of magick that preceded it. And those were the times that brought the terror….

The Catholica

Arx Novum

The Archivists


The Keeper’s Perspective

Group Before Self


Protective of Humanity

Controlling of Magi


Cautious of Change


Has the Most Resources

The Most Organized


You wish a story of The Keepers? Join us if you would know our secrets. We do not share information lightly.

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