State of the Ordo: Past, Present and Future


Its definitely time for an update from UnBound Games and Serpent’s Tongue. There are more than a few topics to cover but let’s start with the following:

During the past 2 years we’ve been working hard, almost every day, to keep the game you backed alive. It’s hard since, as many of you are aware, most Kickstarter creators have normal jobs on top of the job they volunteer themselves for when they hit the “Go” button on their project. During that time, we’ve had a lot of people flow in and out of the process, but we still have many of the original staff contributing; Greg “Lahzarel Thane” Krywusha, Jeremy “Flare” Scherer, and James “Sadonis” Wright continue to be drivers, and others are willing to help as needed.

The project you backed is not dead, and we ARE aware we still owe you a rewards packet as well as a continued existence to make our Line For Life holder’s investments’ worthwhile.

As you know from other updates, our experiences with other companies in this venture have been hit and miss; mostly miss. Our manufacturer chose the worst time to inform us of additional freight fees and our shipping/warehousing company altered the deal (and we’re praying they do not alter it further). This impacted the Rewards packets as well as our Avak’Shar redemption cards.

As it stands, all of our assets are now stateside, which is great, but between freight fees and renegotiations with our shipping company, that’s as far as we can get them. Our Firesale helped us to get to where we are, but we were hoping it would get us further.

Canadian freight issues actually created extra debt when our Canadian shipment showed back up in our warehouse with an extra $700 bill attached. We still have a few outstanding Canadian firesale orders we are attempting to resolve or refund.

We are continuing to vett out ways to get enough money to ship the Rewards and the cards you’ve spent your Avak’Shar (and shipping, we remember) on. The first way has been to liquidate our stock via the Firesale and by selling other IPs UnBound Games has had in development (yes, we sold a board game!). Another way is to liquidate our personal assets; I’m attempting to sell anything I can lay claim to that isn’t nailed down, including my motorcycle. Yet another way is to take what we’ve done to the next level. We’ll have something to announce soon, but our development process is something unique that we believe we may be able to monetize as well.

With that out of the way, we’re excited to announce a new way to play Serpent’s Tongue:

Walkthrough setup


TABLETOPIA! Greg Krywusha, our esteemed Lahzarel Thane, has been hard at work implementing the new Tabletopia system to develop a digital online version of Serpent’s Tongue. If you have not heard of this successful Kickstarter,  Tabletopia (  allows board games to do what James ‘Sadonis’ Wright created for UnBound Games with his ST Arena. A digital gaming table that includes all the components of the game and can be played via web browser or Steam. Tabletopia handles a lot of the heavy lifting however, such as reputation and player matching.  And their roadmap of features like deckbuilding & management, card catalog, ingame rulebooks and voice chat will be implemented this year. On top of that, this digital version of ST is built to include all of these newer features as soon as they become available. Not to mention a few other surprises.

We hear many players are having a hard time finding other players in their area. Now, not only will you be able find others to play on Tabletopia, but the player base is International. While still in Closed Beta, Greg is finishing work on a demo (Walkthrough, Encounter and Core Set Decks) of Serpent’s Tongue to be available for Tabletopia’s Open Beta this Spring!  Our hope is to get both old and new players enjoying Serpent’s Tongue and perhaps even try both the digital and physical games. We’ll probably be looking for some feedback prior to launch, so keep your eyes open for another update on this. As you can see, the images are looking gorgeous.


There have been an increasing amount of requests to use the Serpent’s Tongue license and/or to write within the ST world.

There is a fairly controlled world and mythos to the world of Serpent’s Tongue as well as parts of the world that have been written but left unknown to the players, for now. However, as long as your ideas don’t contradict the foundations of ST, you are more than welcome to submit your writing to be officially sanctioned and sponsored on the website.  Greg Krywusha, as our Lord of Words and Worlds, will be responsible for maintaining world building and canon. For now please submit works to both of the following emails for approval. We may have some edits or suggestions to make in order to ensure your work fits into the ST IP. We’ll utilize our ST Seal (to the left) as a sanctioning marker and also look into the possibility of using it in the forums as a badge for members who have submitted approved pieces. Then you will have the high honor and satisfaction in your work being officially sanctioned. Woot!

Christopher:  and Greg:

(Commercial products and projects should be submitted to They may later need to be reviewed by Greg however to ensure it fits with Canon)

That’s all for now. We will continue to work on our commitment to you in regard to fulfillment. As we get closer, we’ll let you know. With this and other marketing initiatives we can then start to look ahead.


3DCodex ST-Encounter

One thought on “State of the Ordo: Past, Present and Future

  1. Prodigy Speaker Jayce

    Thanks for the update Chris — please keep us posted as much as possible, I 100% understand the frustration of having no or little news to report but I promise you that even low-content updates are greatly appreciated. At least for me it keeps ST more front-of-mind as well (not that the two shelves of my gaming cabinet devoted to it don’t!). Tabletopia looks like it coming along well, that is a very cool option to have.

    I’m eager to hear about the new development you have coming for us. I may be in a financial position later this year to assist further as well, perhaps we can talk about that privately sometime. Interesting times for Magi!


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