Chant of Forms vs. Krell Rift Master – Novice

Smaller Codices for the newly awoken Magi.  MINI Codexes are meant to be played against each other for learning games. Pick any pair of Codexes and they are roughly equal in power so it all comes down to your strategy. (Designed by Pat, aka SunnyDayCloud.)

chant-of-forms-mainChant of Forms

(Play against Krell Rift Master) 

Basic Strategy: Take out your opponent as fast as possible because the Rift Master will win a long game. Flame Eternae and Channel Lightning are your friends. Unlock your specs B1 and A1 to fund a strong assault. Keep an eye on your Harmony — you’re going to be short and Discord attacks could be devastating.


[fcn-list id=”Core Mini Chant of forms” mode=”text” data=”cardname”]



[fcn-list id=”Core Mini Chant of forms” width=135]

krell-rift-masterKrell Rift Master

Basic Strategy: The Rift Master does a lot of setup and then goes for a strong late game. Your opponent is faster, dealing damage right away. To be able to compete, open with a Master Rift and a Slow Area. Keep your opponent’s Fire Form at bay with your Quantum Destabilization, and do anything else you can to attack the Chanter’s Harmony — let Discord Rolls (and God’s Dice) do your work for you.

[fcn-list id=”Core Mini Krell Rift Master” mode=”text” data=”cardname”]



[fcn-list id=”Core Mini Krell Rift Master” width=135]

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