Life Chanter vs. Hermetic Chemist – Novice

Smaller Codices for the newly awoken Magi.  MINI Codexes are meant to be played against each other for learning games. Pick any pair of Codexes and they are roughly equal in power so it all comes down to your strategy. (Designed by Pat, aka SunnyDayCloud.)

lifechanter2Life Chanter

(Play against Novice Hemetic Chemist ) 

Basic Strategy: You need to deal lots of damage while healing yourself from the relentless volley of fire and acid the Chemist is packing. Focus on spec Tree A. When your opponent’s Volcano erupts, you will need both your Life Leech and Regeneration Field active. Think about when you want to cast Blood Plague — try to get Lord Rapture’s Virulent Contagion on it in the same round..

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[fcn-list id=”Core Mini Life Chanter” width=135]

Hermetic-ChemistHermetic Chemist

Basic Strategy: The Chemist needs to out race Life Chanter and cannot afford to be discarding and replaying components too often. Focus on unlocking spec Tree B and activating a Resonating Pylon on turn one. Focus your attention on Volcano and be clever to stop it from hurting you or at least make it hurt your opponent more. Keep piling on Attack spells until you deal more Dmg than your opponent can heal.

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[fcn-list id=”Core Mini Hermetic Chemist” width=135]

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