Sehimu Thinara: Alphabet, Tones, Math


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Awatum Alphabet

Key Awatum Romanized Name Sphere
a a a Av Neutral
b b b Bez Quantum
d d d Dal Matter
e e e Esh Neutral
f f f Fas Bio
g g g Gul Forces
h h h Har Mind
i i i Iz Soul
k k k Ki Forces
K K kh Khur Bio
l l l Lan Soul
m m m Ma Mind
n n n Nu Soul
o o o Ol Quantum
p p p Par Matter
r r r Rak Bio
s s s Ses Mind
S S sh Shukh Bio
t t t Ta Forces
T T th Thi Soul
u u u Um Mind
v v v Vad Matter
w w w Wur Quantum
y y y Yun Forces
z z z Zo Matter
Z Z zh Zhi Quantum

Tones & Sign Language

Tones are a new system of Sehimu Thinara, useful for communication or story telling. The tones are tied to hand signs and motions, so that they can be performed while speaking, and each combination implies a different tone.

To use the tone in writing, you’d put the two associated letters beside each other, ie:

GE sum’esa hamsara Tanalan!
GE sum’esa hamsara thanalan!
EXCITED COMMAND-you writing learn
Learn to Write (Excitedly)

Grammar and Tone Markings

Key Awatum__ Romanized__ Name Sphere Grammar
_’ _’ Aza Neutral Prefix-Indicatior
_- _- Yokte Matter Elongator
_. . _. NONE Neutral Sentence Terminator
_! ! _! Abu Neutral Exclamation / Imperative
_( ( _( Dekath Neutral Speech Start
_) ) _) Thaked Neutral Speech End
? ? ? Khed Neutral Interogative
_, , _, NONE Neutral Pause, English comma
+ + + Shaukh Neutral Unused
\ \ \ O-zhbe Neutral Unused
F F F NONE Bio Tone
G G G NONE Forces Tone
D D D NONE Matter Tone
H H H NONE Mind Tone
B B B NONE Quantum Tone
L L L NONE Soul Tone
I I I NONE Neutral Tone
A A A NONE Neutral Tone
E E E NONE Neutral Tone
O O O NONE Neutral Tone
U U U NONE Neutral Tone
Space NONE NONE Space

Math with Awatum and Sehimu Thinara

Math is the Universal Language, so it was natural that we implement a way to discuss mathematics in Awatum.

Math Operators

Awatum Key Math Meaning
‘- ‘- Subtract
\ \ Multiply
‘\ ‘\ Divide
+ + Power
‘+ ‘+ Root
( ( Open Precedence
) ) Close Precedence
! ! Equal
‘! ‘! Not Equal
? ? Approximately Equal To
-? -? Greater Than
‘-? ‘-? Less Than
-! -! Greater Than or Equal To
‘-! ‘-! Less Than or Equal To

Numbers & Example Equations

Awatum Key Math Meaning
0 0 0
1 1 1
2 2 2
3 3 3
4 4 4
5 5 5
6 6 6
7 7 7
8 8 8
9 9 9
10 10 10
11 11 11
12 12 12
13 13 13
14 14 14
1-1!2 1+1=2
5\6!30 5×6=30
36’\5!7,2 36/5=7.2
3+3!9 3^3=9
z+3-!3’+z z^3>=3√z
pi?3,14 pi≈3.14

Awatum Credit

Jason “e6host” Carter

– character creation

Greg “Lahzarel” Krywusha

– font/variant creation

Font is all rights reserved UnBound Games, and is distributed for personal use. Don’t be a dick.

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