The Spheres of Magick

Reality is divided into six key patterns. Magi build their Spell Codex from all or some of these Spheres. While all spells utilize the universal energies of Resonance and Harmony, each Sphere has its own resources or requirements to be fully efficient. Each Sphere of Magick has its own strengths and weaknesses, strategies and mechanics. Synergistically combining spells from different Spheres is the key to success in your adventures. 

The six Spheres are divided into two planes of existence, the Physical and Etheric.




Control of life at the smallest level

Specializes in enhancing oneself with healing powers & defensive Wards. Bio’s offensive Magick is some of the most Subtle of any Sphere; bypassing traditional shields and spreading long lasting plagues into multiple enemies at once.  


Control of Physical Material

Solid, liquid, gas, plasma. All the components of the physical world are subject to Matter Magick.  The alchemy of this Magick often requires many ingredients to achieve an effect, but though such spells may be slow, they generally require less energy to cast and have greater durability.  Specializes in crafting Golems, strong defenses, and duration based attacks. 


Control of Physical Energy

No Magick holds more wonder for our species than the powers of Forces. To soar like a bird. To hold fire in one’s hands. These are primal dreams turned to waking realities by Forces Magick. Forces is fast magick, quick as lightning. It does not like long combats. It is tactical, not strategic. Forces strikes first and asks questions never because opponents are already dead.


Control of thought

Recall your best friend’s face. Picture your favorite color. Concentrate on your own name. Mind Magick can wipe all of these and write new values in their place. Mind can strip an enemy of the knowledge of their Codex, removing spells against their Will. Once your mind is affected by these spells, you can never be sure you’re free of them, so keep your Will strong to defend against it. 


Control of immortal essence

A part of all living beings is immortal. That part is not their memories and not their bodies. We call it the soul. When a soul is embodied in the physical world, the Magick of Magi can affect it. Soul Magick raises and lowers Harmony, causing Reality itself to become more or less accepting of the target. Soul Magick leverages the natural karmic balance that the universe seeks and causes any spiritual imbalance to have very physical consequences.



Control of space and time

Quantum adjusts the relationships between things, including distance, size, and relative rate of change. It specializes in dodging Attacks and sidestepping Defenses. Quantum spells rely upon Rifts. Rifts are openings into the Void, a separate plane of existence where an alternative physics applies. By routing spells through that space, Quantum can touch enemies in ways they never expect.