Magi’s Chest – (Core Set)


Your ancient chest calls to you.

This reliquary of power was stored away by you centuries ago in a previous incarnation. It contains all the Incantations, knowledge, Artifacts and Specializations you carefully gathered over many lives. Its wards and locks now aid the Ordo Principium in finding you and awakening you to Power once again. A Chest awards the online rank of Initiate.

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The Magi’s Chest has been designed to contain the finest game components possible. At the heart of the Chest are the 2 faux-leather ornate spellbooks that will hold your incantations, and the Rites and Nam-Shubs that you will collect over time.  Each spellbook (called a Codex by the Magi) is full of maps, lore, methods, and secrets of the Magi. Real-world puzzles have been encoded into its pages for you to unlock. Your Codex will ‘power-up’ over time as you collect and unlock special pages from lost tomes, that will provide in-game advantages.

The Magi’s Chest also contains 108 beautiful, ‘tarot’-sized Incantation, Artifact, & Specialization cards.  While the set is designed for 2 players due to its dual spellbooks, it contains enough cards for 4 Magi to play at once.

2  five-wheel Energy Trackers have been included to assist you in tracking your mystical energies of Essence, Resonance, and Harmony.

1 Focus Gem, which represents the Magi’s pin-point concentration, is used to sustain certain types of spells.

64-piece chip set to track durability of shields, duration of effects, charges of enhancements and other buffs and upgrades.

64-page extensive Rulebook, Glossary, and Language of Magick guide.

A 10-sided die and 30-second casting sand-timer are also included.


NOTE A 2-Player WALKTHROUGH IS AVAILABLE AS AN ONLINE PDF HERE! This includes important assembly instructions not included in the Core Set box. Be sure to reference it!



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Dimensions 9 x 7 x 5 cm


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