Line for Life


You have secured your past, now secure your future.

The Line for Life is a special order, for those that believe in Serpent’s Tongue and its potential impact on the gaming industry. This will mean that when an expansion of cards is created you will receive a full archive case each time. You will also receive all game material expansions like story modules, rpg campaigns, game mode expansions (like the sacred sites expansion) as well.  You will receive a copy of the launch version of Out of Eden, the first PVE campaign module as well.

We see Line for Lifer’s as investors and our partners in this project, sharing in our future potential. The Line for Life is no longer just an ADD-ON it includes a Magi’s Bundle when first purchased. A wax sealed contract on parchment will also be provided to all Line for Lifers by Q2 2015, outlining the specifics and denoting ownership of this transferable, re-sellable interest share in Serpent’s Tongue.



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Product Description

Archive case: One Case of Inscription packs will be sent to the line for lifers each time a new set of cards is released. If a non-randomized set of cards are released (as in a traditional expansion card pack model or in a LCG style like fantasy flight), the card pack will also be delivered to the Line for Lifer.

Expansions: This will be defined as all Game Materials that expand upon the core set. For the immediate future this will be RPG Story Modules like the Out of Eden Campaign and other campaigns like it, as well as new game-play expansions like the Sacred Sites expansion and any of its planned sequels and add-ons.

Editions: All new editions of the base game, defined when a core set is released with a new Edition number or title. (Current edition is the Awakening Edition.)

NOTE any Line for Life Orders will receive a copy of the launch version of Out of Eden, just like the KickStarters. This is technically a launch product not a future product but lets get you started right eh?


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