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Pick up some extra Inscription Packs without having to go all in on an Archive Case or Master’s Set. Each Inscription Pack contains 12 game cards: a random mix of Incantations, Artifacts, and Specializations. Each Pack ships free when combined with a Chest or Case or Set.

Each Pack also includes an Avak’shar code card, redeemable online for Avak’shar ranks which can be traded for specific canon, obscura and apocrypha cards of your choice. You can also unlock Avak’shar exclusive cards.  No more hunting through pack after pack for the cards you seek. With enough Avak’shar, any card is available to you!

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Cards redeemed with Avak’shar are FREE! But of course there is some shipping and handling, the exact amount is to be determined, but it should be around $3.86.  This is to pay for the warehousing, processing, picking, packing and shipping of that card to you.  BUT, you can redeem up to 10 cards for the same shipping and handling charge!

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