Master Archives Case

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Explore the deeper mysteries of the Art.
Your soul’s birthright demanded the return of  your Magi’s chest; but your thirst for more understanding, more skill, more power drove you to delve into forgotten libraries, ransack the caches of missing masters, and extract rare inscriptions from opponents by whatever means necessary.

These archives are the work of many lifetimes; this collection your path to the higher realms.



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Product Description

Each Archive Case contains 30 Inscription Packs. Inscription packs are your route to more advanced spells, rare artifacts and even rarer specializations. It contains:

30 Inscription Packs containing a selection of 12 Canon, Obscura and/or Apocrypha Cards. (basic, uncommon & rares)
Plus 1 Avak’Shar code card redeemable for at least a Canon level spell card of your choice; but in many cases for Obscura or even Apocryphal level cards!

360 Cards total + 30 Avak’shar code cards.

Each Inscription pack will retail for $4.95, and cases for $105 which is just 12% higher per card than traditional TCG/LCG packs of cards, but the Serpent’s Tongue cards are more than twice the size of standard cards and are printed on ultra-heavy 350 gsm stock, increasing their costs. 

Avak’shar ranks may be redeemed for specific incantation cards, artifacts, specializations as well as unlocking specialty items and cards only obtainable through Avak’shar.

Avak’shar may also be obtained from participating in Serpent’s Tongue events, forums, and unlocking your mystery paths.

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Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 9 x 4 x 6 cm


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