Sacred Sites

Sacred Sites

Power Places exist that magnify the use of Serpent’s Tongue. These are sometimes called sacred sites. Modern Magi see them as the hardware that runs the software of Serpent’s Tongue.  Others find that an imperfect metaphor and say that the EARTH is the hardware and the Power Places are the data access points, both versions have truth.

These Sites were originally often marked by burial grounds, over which shrines were built, over  which temples were built then often torn down and replaced by cathedrals or other monolithic structures.  The point is, these spots have been marked and used for centuries. Over time these spots can shift or change.

Magi (and intuitive mutes) consecrate these places as a way to LOCK them into a location. The cathedrals, shrines, and temples we see dotting our landscapes are sometimes physical locks placed on energetic centers.

Sacred Sites are particular locations where ley lines cross and nexus points form. They are the chakras of Earth. Through these points, one gains access to the ley line network and tremendous power. This is where Inscriptions may be inscribed andworld altering Nam-Shubs may be performed. Ony via Sacred Sites is cross continental teleportation even possible, albeit still rare and difficult. This is where some Magi are able to re-coalesce after death, skipping the death and rebirth cycle, and  from where its rumored time travel can take place. Sacred Sites are the physical real estate in the War for Reality.


How they affect most Magi is by being the source of their Inscriptions.

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