Road Map Ahead

There is still much to do, and much to be created before we complete our vision of the Serpent’s Tongue world. These are the next projects and features scheduled for completion.

Q1 to Q2 2015

Ordo Principium Chart & Badge System (Web)

A listing of all Ordo Principium members (KickStarter Backers) by rank. Your Magi Ranks have already been added to your Forum Avatars, and soon certain achievements will be added as Badges. The first badge at launch is the KickStarter badge.


Map of the Magi – Match Maker (Web)

An Opt-in system that will show you all the Magi in your surrounding area by username. This will allow you to contact them via your profile page, and eventually invite them using the Match Finder System. Magi will be able to subscribe to events in their area. Eventually the Faction Initiation system will utilize these tools to send Magi on missions against local Magi from different factions.

OUT of EDEN released Digitally

The Cooperative Adventure Campaign that we have all been waiting for, and the reason for many Magi Backers to have pledged during the Kickstarter will finally be released. This will be released initially digitally so it is available immediately for play while the physical manuals and maps are printed.

We have gone through a lot of re-writes of this system especially as the world and sub-factions have crystallized and evolved. This will just be the first of many adventure campaigns, and once this first is completed it should dramatically increase the speed in which we can publish follow-ups.

out of eden cover

ST Arena 2.0

To facilitate finding Magi to battle against and with, James Wright aka Sadonis, has been programming his heart out to develop the soon to be launched ONLINE VERSION of Serpent’s Tongue. His ST Arena, a fully functioning Virtual Table allows you to smoothly play Serpent’s Tongue online. Version 2.0, which uses the Unreal Engine, is looking Beautiful, Easy to Install, and a BLAST to use! Note this is still very much a card game, Sid’s baby provides the space to play, and facilitates all energy tracking, codex building, cast timers, resonance and discord rolls and more. We’re really excited about this one!

The potential is amazing, and will really facilitate the Faction Initiation system that will allow you to be tested by your faction leaders wherever they may be in the world.

It also allows for GM-ing players through adventures, and guiding the newly initiated through live tutorials by Volunteer Magi Officiants.

Encounters Page with Adventure Arcs (Web)

We have been developing a collection of Encounters for release. All Encounters to date will be posted on an Encounters page with advice, strategy and difficulty levels.

Lahzarel Thane is working on expanding that concept to monthly released Encounters that will form a story based arc, with one Encounter unlocking the next. A Survey system will track the outcomes and choices of Magi with the aggregate results altering the story the Arc!


Join a Faction – Mystery Paths begin

We will be begin our ARG aspect of play by having players puzzle out how to approach / find / contact one of the 9 sub-factions and then proceed through human guided initiation trials. This requires community leadership of the 9 factions, similar to guild leadership. Many of these positions have already been written into the backstories of KS Backers, but there are many more positions open and will be available to volunteers. Sub-Faction leadership will require a lot of responsibility but will also have a lot of rewards.

Sub-Faction quests will begin after that, as each Sub-Faction attempts as a group to further their goals through ARG puzzles, actions, and challenges.

Q2 - Q3 2015

More Updates of deliverables will be posted as their time-frames crystallize.

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