Refund Order #742144 Please!

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CitizenK2 asked 2 years ago

Seriously … It was placed over 11 months ago. I requested a refund on Sept 9, 2015. Anni replied on Sept 10th and said it would be attended to shortly. That was more than 6 months ago.
Could we please just resolve this and go our separate ways?

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Christopher Gabrielson Staff answered 1 year ago

HI i’ve gotten some time to go through some outstanding communications in the BecomeMagi site concerning Serpent’s Tongue.   WE have posted in multiple places concerning this issue and I believed directly to all Canadians to whom we were unable to provide the shipments to. I hope you were provided this answer on at least one of the tickets you posted.    Here are some important excerpts:
To those who have made offers of help, thank you very much! Really I think the priority is fulfilling any outstanding fire sale orders, I believe we are now down to 1 after Brian flew some sets into country with all his security demonstration gear he packs from one country to the next. We got one guy sorted by fulfilling 2/3 of his order from inventory that somehow showed up returned to our Canada Shipwire warehouse months after it was sent, leaving one canadian left as far as our records indicate as of June 2016. If you have suggestions or advice please suggest it.
Also if you have an outstanding ticket for any fire sale orders please just resubmit the ticket at and please reference the order number and your first and last name in it. (organizing service tickets half through Magi names and half through real names has actually grown tricky surprisingly. I thought the architects would prefer it that way 🙂 A good title is: Canada Fire Sale Order Incomplete – #111982 John Sanders, the eye of cain.  Okay you can leave off the eye of cain if you must. If you have issued a ticket before (really just a private question in our Q&A system), we ask you to please do it again. Sorry for the repeat.
Update: We have had a small influx of orders the past month and we will receive a few hundred dollars from selling our IP so now is a good time to try to correct, refund, subsidize shipping or whatever the solution preferred by the individual Magi. So please re-submit organized tickets and we’ll refund or do what we can with the limited funds. 40% refund is better than nothing at this point and gets us closer to paid off.
 Back to the offers of help: The primary obstacle to fulfilling the few orders that were returned from Canada with more freight owing; distributing the KS reward packets and then moving onto the 3rd priority of distributing the Founder’s Codex, and finally getting the AvakShar reprinted cards available for distribution with AVS codes is: MONEY. Debt actually, that we OWE to our fulfillment centers. Fortunately we finally owe them much less than our current inventory is worth. But they hold the majority of funds that come in from new orders to pay for shipping past orders before they will fulfill the new orders. So we can sell orders, and ship those orders within 24 hours, (with the exception to canada) So we have been investigating solutions and will continue to try solutions to get alternative sources of cash-flow to complete at least the first and second objectives (the strange 2, very public, outstanding customer service tickets involving Canada freight and the 2nd priority of distributing KS Reward Packet Envelopes with their exclusive 14 cards, cloth bag, and Founder’s Pin.  Some of the team believe that by accomplishing this, some momentum will be generated to help complete the 3rd and 4th priorities.  This situation has been explained in multiple updates in various ways so far. But the concept, or its location on the update can be easy to miss I think.  If you have a suggestion for help or an idea we are very happy to listen!