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Voidwalker asked 8 months ago

Hi, just checking in. I orders some stuff on the 10th of July 2017. Just making sure you got the order. Most parts of the website are a bit ragged and not working.

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Voidwalker answered 8 months ago

Maybe some info may help , sorry.
July 10, 2017
UnBound Games LLC
negative $160.97
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UnBound Games LLC

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Magi’s Bundle – USA ONLY

Item #coresetbundle

Inscription 4 Pack Bundle with Shipping Voucher (Qty 4)

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Christopher Gabrielson Staff answered 8 months ago

Hello Void, 
Yes I am working on your order 🙂 I already ordered a print of the Magi’s Handbook to be sent directly to you via IngramSpark. We just re-negotiated our contract with EFS, confirmation just this morning so our distribution system is back up. I was not aware of this pay after delivery system but it looks cool. You will be receiving the pieces from three different shippers I will give you the tracking when I have it, I should have some of it today.  Thanks!!

Voidwalker replied 8 months ago

Thanks for the info, this is great.If there is every a revival or, we have access to more cards or to any of the unpublished cards, drop me an email. I really like this game. 2 nor 3 lines of life show how much. Also good luck on the new game.

Voidwalker answered 8 months ago

Got my order except for the book, but the printer says about 7 days and they will ship.
Thank you. It was super fast shipping. 

Christopher Gabrielson Staff answered 8 months ago

Excellent thank you for confirming. That was pretty fast once they finally shipped it, I’m glad. You have a third package coming from our headquarters as well as part of the Magi’s Bundle. Sounds like Ingram Spark is a bit slow on the print on demand then. This is the first time trying that solution.