Order still Processing after 3 months – #743525

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Marpo asked 2 years ago

Hi, I wanted to check the status of my order that I placed in June. Its to the UK. I also need to change the address it ships to to my new shipping address on my account. Thanks

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Christopher Gabrielson Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi this was shipped. Requested tracking. Please email with your new address so we can work on a solution.

Marpo answered 1 year ago

Has there been any update on getting the tracking? It’s currently going to my old workplace but I haven’t been told about anything arriving.

Christopher Gabrielson Staff answered 1 year ago

Sorry, no Marpo. I’ll make a last inquiry with Eurologistix then re-submit the order. If the system doesnt auto-provide tracking (as it usually does but did not in your case) we’ll try to get them on the phone. If we dont have this resolved this week then we’ll refund your order, or we can discuss the alternative of shipping from the USA. 

Marpo answered 11 months ago

Wanted to check to see if anything has moved on this as the order has still not arrived. I would still prefer to get it rather than a refund.

Marpo answered 9 months ago

Any updates?