Missing Magi Handbook?

thegreybetween asked 2 years ago

Greetings. I recently ordered a Magi Bundle (USA) and received everything except the printed Magi’s Handbook which, as irony would have it, is the primary reason that I ordered the kit (I already had 2x Magi’s Chests, but figured a 6-person codex set wouldn’t hurt). Was this an error with the order, or are the Magi’s Handbooks delayed along with the other items (Compendiums, pre-order loot, etc)? The order (#743364) is still marked “processing”, like my other partially fulfilled orders, so I assume the latter. I just wanted to as to be sure it wasn’t an oversight with my order. Cheers!

2 Answers
Christopher Gabrielson Staff answered 2 years ago

Greetings Grey, 
The Magi’s Handbook just finished printing actually (we ran out of stock last week so we printed yours fresh) and should ship in the next 24-48 hours 🙂 Your bag of shadows is also shipped separately. (The Magi’s possessions return to him in parts and pieces, winding their own paths back to the master’s hand.) Sorry I should have clicked your order over to Completed when IngramSpark sent me notification today. 

Christopher Gabrielson Staff answered 1 year ago

Just following up on this – did you receive everything correctly?