I will pay for my shipping again.

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Master Bowlby asked 10 months ago

I will pay for the cost of shipping my fire sale order again. I know this has been tough… but as a high paying Kickstarter backer, can you at least do this one thing for me? It has been causing ME anxiety for almost 2 years now.
Here is my information.
Order: #742190 Terence Bowlby
Paid $123.71 total for:
2x Magi’s Chest – (Core Set) (#CoreSetST)
2x Master Archives Caset (#STArchiveCase)
on June 3rd, 2015
THE SHIPPING ADDRESS HAS CHANGED, please contact me. (I didn’t set this post to private, as I have no idea who if anyone is looking after these things, and if they have admin status or not)

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