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Anonymous asked 1 year ago

Good day to all.
I see by the Last update that some Canadian Shipments seem to have gone out.
Would it be possible to check on the status of UnBound Games742340?
This was an order placed June 22, 2015.
I have since moved… same city, however the address is not what you have on file.
I would appreciate any information you can provide.

1 Answers
Christopher Gabrielson Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi- the Canadian orders that went out paid for the extra shipping to Canada. We will refund your order as we are unable to get it up there for less than $50 🙂

Chris, DarkYoung is no longer able to access this support section of this site. He’s posted in the forum here: He says he’s fine with a refund, but if you need to coordinate it with him be aware that he can’t see or respond to any updates on this ticket.