Date of Shipment

Anonymous asked 2 years ago

Hi, I placed my order on the 8th of March and the estimated delivery date was 10th or 11th of March. When will my order arrive? The Order Number is #743336.
And I can’t submit any tickets while I am logged in my Account, because I don’t have the permission to do it. Is this desired?

2 Answers
Christopher Gabrielson Staff answered 2 years ago

Greetings Alexander, Just to confirm you are the customer that needs replacement Codex binders correct? – I have not actually shipped your order yet here is why: I normally would submit your order to Eurologistix the same day and then paypal them the amount necessary to pick pack and ship plus some extra to pay for our past due account.  BUT, they apparently have a new accountant that is not honoring that previous agreement. Because we still owe them about $700 (down from $5500 this time last year woot!) I just dont want them to take your money and not ship. So I have held your money in paypal while I get a confirmation that they will ship out your order. (And Denns Galiams placed around the same time.) I emailed them last Thursday and should get a response today. We can of course refund your full funds immediately at any time that you wish, but if you can wait another day, we should have a confirmation back from them and then we can have them ship your order plus the free core set to replace the bad Codex.    Please email me at if you have a comment. question or want me to issue the refund.  Thanks for your patience!!  

Christopher Gabrielson Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi they confirmed and orders were sent out. I will send tracking privately.