Critical Implosion, fluency 2

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gregseit asked 1 year ago

Looking through the cards, I noticed that Critical Implosion, fluency 3 has the wording “Offensive Imploding Creation targeting…” but the fluency 2 version only requires “Imploding Creation targeting…”. Is this intentional?
It seems that the fluency 2 version would allow me to target my own creation with Imploding Creation and respond to it with Critical Implosion, getting Singularity into play.

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Christopher Gabrielson Staff answered 1 year ago

Hello Gregseit,
Yes you nailed it there should be consistency between these two.  I believe we were in a heated debate about whether to errata this card or not. Some very intelligent MAGI found it over-powered, I being somewhat reckless did not. I believe the debate stalled the final errata-ing of this spell leaving us with one level errata-ed and one level NOT errata-ed. 
I will check the printing plates that were made for re-printing all the avak’shar and errata cards (those cards WERE printed but are still sitting in china, wish they were here, or that they would at least write or call or something) and see if that level 3 errata made it in.
Personally to use a critical implosion on your own creation to create a singularity that you wont be harmed by takes soooo many spells,  You need rifts up (to prevent the damage to yourself),  the sacrificial creation, plus forces attunement to cast implode creation in the first place, the critical implosion spells (which is expensive) and the singularity spell itself (which, of course is now free but taking up another slot. fortunately there’s a level 2 version). If someone wants to mix and match these different spheres for a card combo to get a free 6th spell out (yah its a powerful one though) then let the meddling magi do it!  The action efficiency of casting singularity as a free action interrupt is voided by the elaborate setup in most cases. 
I would play this without errata on either card for now, while I confirm the final print 🙂 (Unless one of the test magi are reading this and shut me down…… anyone? Just say the word. No? HAHA! I finally win the debate by default.)