Answer for Order still Processing after 3 months – #743525

Sorry, no Marpo. I’ll make a last inquiry with Eurologistix then re-submit the order. If the system doesnt auto-provide tracking (as it usually does but did not in your case) we’ll try to get them on the phone. If we dont have this resolved this week then we’ll refund your order,...

get paid

you used my art, are you ever going to pay for it?

Answer for Avak'Shar Questions

Hi the cards are ‘stuck’ in china, so we disabled the Avak’Shar system so there would not be further orders that could go unfulfilled. We may have them finally freighted over by the end of the year. 

Answer for kickstarter-backer-address-update

Hi thanks! We got it and changed you in the system. Thanks for checking in! We have some pretty big rules revisions we are working on (in order to make the game work with the planned Out of Eden campaign, just too complex to make that adventure campaign system work)...

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