Magi’s Nexus Launched!

This is the first update on our new website!

What is the Magis Nexus? Its the site we envisioned during kickstarter that would include extensive functionality and tools to support the Serpents Tongue community.  We still have a lot to incorporate over the next 6 months but here’s a look at some of the new features.


Most importantly we now have a fully functioning Avak’Shar point and card redemption system live, under the Shop navigation. AvakShar is the name of the currency gained by entering the codes off all those Black Code cards you received in expansion packs. You can now browse the AvakShar Market, by spells, specs aand artifacts and spend your points. Note the cards have not arrived yet but there will only be 250 of each Canon and Obscura card and 450 of the apocryphal (specs, artifacts & level 4 spells) so feel free to reserve your choices now.

We have gotten the shipping and handling costs on these avakshar redemptions much lower than expected. There is a link to the full breakdown of AvakShar redemption shipping costs on the checkout page. Note there are some internal shipping weight caps that makes redeeming cards in certain amounts more efficient. Look for them in the guide. The most efficient is 18 cards at approximately $.28 per card.

ST ARENA 2.0 BETA –  This is now ready!!! We are going to test it internally for 1 week to remove any bugs but a preview is available under the play navigation menu.

MAGI RANKS ADDED TO AVATARS – Your Magi ranks will noow show up next to your name. We are also implementing a badge and achievement system as well as faction allegiance later on. The first badge “KickStarter Backer” should be live this first week.

KICKSTARTER DASHBOARD – we have created a page just for KickStarters that will keep you updated on remaining timelines and deliverables. We will also have backer story input forms on this page as well.

IMPROVED SEARCH – we have ponied up for a much more sophisticated search system throughout the site so it will be easier to use it as a game and community resource.

THE FACTIONS – A bevy of pertinent information regarding the world of serpents tongue is now live and available,  most importantly the 3 arch factions and the 9 subfactions including 9 new short stories. Eventually we will be creating player run leadership roles of the 9 subfactions that will kick off our arg system. The first step will be to choose a subfaction and discover how to become initiated.

MORE LORE –  Lots of background information on the world of serpents tongue is now available under the WORLD tab.

ALL IN ONE Q&A & SUPPORT SYSTEM – Under the Community tab you can access our new support system. This system should dramatically improve response time to all questions and support tickets. These will now all be linked to your user profile page.

 ROADMAP – This outlines all of the planned improvements on the site. (under play tab)

MAP OF THE MAGI – Match Finder – THis is not live just yet but I expect the first stage within 2 weeks of launch. This will allow magi to optin to a system that allows other players to see their zipcode and invite them to games. This will be important for the Faction Trials and ARG quests that will assign Magi to find and destroy a particular magi in their area to complete quests and gain rank.

So our next WEB priority is to launch the map of the magi and match finder system, followed by our Encounter campaigns which will be a series of encounters linked by story and changing according to polls. After that we want organize the faction leadership and initiate the first mystery paths. Of course more important than all of those WEB elements is the completion and publication of Out of Eden which we will now be focusing ALL of our team and the bulk of our time towards!


KNOWN BUGS AT LAUNCH – So there are a few elements that we are cleaning up in the first few days of the launch.  These are items we did not want to hold the site launch back for and should not take long to fix.

1. Bottom Footer does not stick to the bottom of the page on some pages.

2. Some pages have an endless scroll to the right- making tablet views ultra-zooomed out.

3. Avak’shar Checkout and Confirmation page un-styled with very small text.

4. Some missing logos, intel reports or taglines on Keepers Pages.

5. KickStarter Dashboard has more content to be added.

6. Road Map ahead has more content to be added.

7 ST ARENA ONLINE – Preview Page still being built.


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