The Lore & World of Serpent’s Tongue

What is Serpent’s Tongue?

Serpent’s Tongue, or Sehimu Thinara, is the name given by the Speakers to what has actually been called many different names throughout history, but most commonly Magick. Read More… 

Who are the Magi?

The memories of a Magi’s past lives are fractured like half remembered dreams. Records and knowledge are lost, destroyed or hoarded, but there are certain key facts known to most Magi. Read more….

The Tonal

There is a force that works against a Magi altering reality, that restricts and limits the use of Magick. This force is called the Tonal. Read More…


Arch Factions

Because magick grows more powerful with the combined efforts of Magi, over time Speakers of Serpent’s Tongue inevitably banded together for greater power or simple survival. Once formed into groups, factions with particular viewpoints evolved. With the power to alter reality, the ultimate question rises time and again:
 “How shall we alter it?”

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The Keepers

The Illuminators

The Liberators

Additional Lore for the Master Researcher

Sacred Sites

Power places exist that magnify the use of Serpent’s Tongue.  These places were originally often marked by burial grounds, over which shrines were built, over which temples were built then often torn down and replaced by cathedrals or other monolithic structures. But the real power lies in the ground itself. Read More…


Throughout time, skilled Magi known as Inscribers have encoded Serpent’s Tongue onto Inscriptions. These Inscriptions can take many forms: clay, papyrus, stone, leather, even digital circuitry. These records allow casting magick outside of the Sacred Sites. Read More…

Death & Coalescence

The cycle of life and death for a Magi varies between individuals, between factions, and between eras. With the advent of the Age of Awakening, once rare powers of resurrection have proliferated. Read More…

The Ordo Principium

The greatest fear of a Magi is to die and not re-awaken in the Magi’s next life. Many methods and techniques were developed to help ensure a continuity of a Magi’s knowledge and power, but all were imperfect and subject to sabotage by rivals. Out of this necessity, the Ordo was created. Read more….

The Arena Online

Reality and a few near-reality spaces were all the playgrounds of Magi of old. But modern Magi have crafted a space woven of code and displayed in light. There is a story of how this magickal place came into being. The tale of Magi Sadonis and his eccentric employer awaits. Read More…

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