KickStarter & Pre-order Dashboard

Greetings O’ Stalwart & Patient Ones!

This page before you represents the beginning of our planned Kickstarter Backer Dashboard. The goal is to keep our KickStarter Backers better informed of our current schedule of remaining deliverables as well as other applicable information such as Backer Story submission forms and more. For now here is a truncated timeline of projected deadlines and recent announcements. Please leave your suggestions for this dashboard in the comments section below!

Core Sets Delivered
Archive Cases Delivered
Avak'Shar Redemption System
Avak'Shar Cards Enroute
Reward Packets Enroute (with A'S Cards)
Out of Eden - in progress
Founder's Codex - Samples Confirmed
Compendium - Samples Un-confirmed

KickStarter Specific Announcements


Part of the stretch rewards from the kickstarter campaign was bonus Avak’Shar. Now that this system is live we will be adding bonus A’S to your accounts this February 2015. So in addition to all those little black cards (ok not so little) there will be an extra 4k – 8k of Avak’Shar distributed. (Approximately 1-2 Archive Cases worth of Avak’Shar) We need to continue to analyze the market and card prices and inventory to make sure that we are upscaling the promised amount correctly.


In addition to the KS campaign Avak’Shar we will be adding extra Avak’Shar to make up for the Artifact cards that had low res imagery. We also tweaked Artifact cards extensively so enough Avak’shar to replace your favorite artifacts will be provided to all backers.


For those backers who were forsaken with other customer service or quality assurance issues, we have not forgotten you! Your bonus Avak’Shar will be awarded. If you had archive cases with zero Specs or Artifacts or other randomization issues, a box with mushed in corners etc… send us a private question categorized as Support – Avak’Shar with your email, describing this issues and we will add you to the Apology Avak’Shar spreadsheet.


Winners of the various contests held throughout the development time period and the BGG voting bonus Avak’Shar will also have their bonus Avak’Shar awarded at the same time. Note we have adjusted and lowered the cost of Avak’Shar cards – so the exact amounts provided may be adjusted as well in order to maintain the same ratio of Point to Card Value.


We have reduced all prices on the ASM (Avak’Shar Market) to also help compensate for any issues, delays, randomization problems etc… These reduced prices will remain in effect until all bonus Avak’Shar has been distributed and KickStarter backers and Pre-Orders have had a chance to spend their Avak’Shar. After that point we will shift the ASM economy into its final form.


  • Bonus Specs
  • Bonus Artifacts
  • Bonus Spells
  • Bag of Shadows
  • 2 Nam Shubs
  • Founder’s Pin


KickStarter Backers of course. But the intention was to have a reduced reward packet for the pre-orders as well.(Legacy Founders) From initial reports it sounds like everything may be jumbled together so there is a chance that for simplicity sake the Pre-orders’ packets may BE the KS rewards packet.  This might peeve some KS Backers so we will keep you updated on this potentiality. I have never actually HELD a reward packet in my hands before lol!  I, myself, will not find this outcome the end of the world, as pre-orders have now been waiting almost as long KS backers when looked at the grand scheme of things. Also the Pre-order campaign ADDED extra cards to the KS BACKER Exclusives so there is a two-way street there.  But we ARE sensitive to the fact that KS exclusivity is a higher priority from one Magi to the next. If it does turn out that way (like instances reported in Australia & Asia) we just may not be able to promise to afford the pick and pack and handling fees to tear a 1000 packets open, remove items and repackage them in order to separate KS rewards from Pre-orders. IF we were doing them all here by hand, yes maybe, but I know the UK, Canada and Dallas fulfillment centers will rake us over the coals for that.


Not necessarily. The walkthroughs were shifted at the last minute due to a wide range of issues, to an online pdf. This is what allowed us to get the game out by that Christmas. In hindsight I would have preferred to have held up the game, but if you recall, the crowds were getting really restless, understandably and there was a lot of pressure to ship ; )

We have created a new manual called the Magi’s Handbook which does include revised versions of the 64 page walkthrough but is now 120 pages, with 50% larger dimensions and much more content. Our goal is to get this out to everyone that we can, as its fairly essential to playing the current version of the game. BUT it will cost about $20,000+ to print and mail this to everyone for free, which we cannot afford right now.

We have several strategies in mind to help offset the costs, such as including it with the Reward Packets for a small fee / donation, including it with 4-pack bundles or Avak’Shar redemption mail-outs. I.e. whenever we can include it with something that is already going out it will help cut the costs down. We will not be profitizing the Handbook, we will take losses to distribute it, its just a matter of how much we can afford to.

What other information regarding KickStarter Backers would you like to see displayed? Reply below : )


Part of the vision of Serpent’s Tongue was to include the players in the world as official characters. Originally we were going to collect your stories and just start slotting them in. We have already begun this with all of the Prodigy backers promised first dibs. They have become leaders of factions, part of the new artifact stories and part of the 12 new Faction Stories. (Available on each Arch-Faction and Sub-Faction pages. Check these out, the writers did a great job on them and they really help flush out the feel and texture of the ST world.) 

The next step was to put a form on this page where you would tell us some key points about your character such as name, faction, historical reference, personality. BUT, we are going to hold off on this for just a moment and actually BEGIN the development of your character-self with our first stage of ARG. Where you will choose a faction and attempt to discover HOW to contact them and succeed at the tests to join them. This process should help you flush out your characters perspective on the world and land you inside a faction. Then we will take it from there….

Line For Lifes to receive 10,000 Bonus Avak’Shar

Those select few who own a Line for Life which is basically a small piece of UnBound Games will receive 10,000 bonus Avak’Shar – This is designed so they can gain automatic copies of the two brand new Specializations: The Enduring & The Chasian Far Caster, or whatever else they want.


Line for Lifes to receive Magi’s Handbook

While we are hoping to get the Magi’s Handbook to everyone, or at least subsidize the costs of getting them to you, the Line for Life’s are guaranteed a copy from this next printing (2 weeks) for free.



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