Gifts *For* The Magi, And A Bit Of News

Greetings, Magi.

This message comes to you from several senior Magi of the Ordo Principia. Our esteemed leader, Magi Gabrielson, is missing, so this update does not include any information about shipping product, timelines, etc. We wish we had better news on that front. We are trying hard to get clear answers about the future of Serpent’s Tongue before New Years.

But despite problems, the world of Serpent’s Tongue moves forward! Today we bring you two presents.

For those of you fond of the game, we have a new Encounter to challenge your Codexes. Magi Lahzarel Thane has found a new villain to threaten Magi-kind: Krampus, the evil twin to Santa. He punishes those who have done evil, and, let’s face it, after hundreds of lifetimes, there are few Magi whose hands are truly clean.

For those of you fond of the backstory, we have a new short story: a tale of Magi Ur and his exploits. Magi Lond has dug into the Archives to find this gem. It takes place in 2013, and tells the tale of Magi Ur going off to find the nam-shub that was so critical to saving the city of Wichita that year, as some of you may recall.

We are having web site problems. If you get a database error, please just refresh the web page. It mostly works… our tech guys are working on it, but they say it is a deep issue… and databases are immune to magick, apparently.

The Ordo Principia will continue to try to get back on track. Until then, have a Merry Christmas… or as merry as it can be with Krampus hunting your soul!

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