What to do with my Avak'Shar cards in 2016

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  • QuinnThe

    So here is the deal, I just started playing and really enjoy the game. I order 2 archive cases to give me a nice card pool to build from, I went online to redeemed the 60 Avak’Shar cards I got and the system was down. From what I gleamed from looking into the problem, it seems that the website had some issues late last year, and the took down the Avak’Shar stuff until they got everything sorted out. So my ultimate questions are, should I hang on to these Avak’Shar cards? Dose anyone know what’s going on with the Avak’Shar? Will these cards have any use in the near future? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks for your time.

    PorfiriosThe Adept

    I don’t know what’s going on with the Avak’Shar but it couldn’t hurt to keep them. if nothing else, slip them into oversize sleeves, put a post-it across the top and use them to separate sections of your inscriptions case.


    You really only need the numbers on the cards, so you could just write the numbers down, or better yet, take pictures of the cards. Just make sure you can read the numbers and distinguish things like 0s from Os.


    Thanks for the advice I will hang on to them for now, maybe we will see some progress with Avak’Shar in the future

    EraelanThe Adept

    Thanks for the head’s up. I’ve had the game for a while and wasn’t sure what to do with these (never cashed them in previously), so I’m looking forward to this coming back online.

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