The very first Tourney Ideas, Do-s n Don't-s

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  • MeowGodThe Prodigy Master

    Suggestions for the Very First ST Tourney

    MeowGodThe Prodigy Master

    here’s an ideas Since the Cain is important part of the story n game. How about Inviting Cain as the Special Guest Challenger where the Winner or top 5 players get to challenge at the end of the tourney. making it an Epic battle and price? Very Special limited print I faced Cain card or banner.

    you can have either 1 vs 1 or a team play. Cain n the Sons of Gabe(under Cain’s Curse like Loki did to some of the Shields personal) VS the top 5 player in the tourney.

    The Cain will have his Special Cain Codex and some Uber Cain only special cards. and the SOG will have their Special Gabriel Codex.

    Just imagine spot light on the special Stage, music and smoke and ambient lights.the Top Five standing there waiting for the Cain. the suspense.. then all quiet and hence came the Cain and he is not alone. .. n the epic battle begins…

    Bob Allen(@BobbyAllen1)The Speaker Instructor - Distributor is in November maybe we could chip in and get a booth?

    Vendors – Quality vendors and exhibitors from around the world showing off the newest games for 2012! If you wish to be a vendor or sponsor please contact us directly via email for special registration instructions (don’t register using the link above).

    I think we have a reasonable sized Dallas contingent and could pull this off. I can chip in time.

    LS Bob

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