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    I just recently discovered ST, and I think it is GREAT! Problem is…all I have heard, there were lots of problems ordering product- so….. is it unwise to order from the official site? Should I order from ebay instead? I think this is an awesome game, and I would love to support it, but if I am just throwing my money out into the void….. I am not sure what to do..



    I can’t speak for everyone and every order, but I did order a four pack and it was delivered to me in about a week and a half without any problems.

    From what I see, it’s those who have Kickstarter orders and Avak’Shar orders that are completely messed up.

    I hope it works out for you.


    huh, that’s awesome!

    Well, I just went ahead and ordered a fairly considerable amount- I think with the right application, a community could easily be built ( I have maybe around a dozen people locally interested in the game)- and the game could be resuscitated (provided CG/Unbound still want to do it)


    hhhhmmm, it has been a few days (after expected delivery at this point) and still no word, or news beyond an automated response- should I be worried?


    Let me dig through my emails and see when mine shipped from when it was supposed to. If I remember right, it was a bit later than the automated email said.

    Apparently I have absolutely no note saying when I actually got it. But I also see I didn’t get any shipping notice or anything, either, so it just appeared at my doorstep one magical day.

    I would probably give it another week or two before I got all twitchy, especially since it sounds like you put in a larger order.

    DelwynThe Legacy Speaker

    I hope your order turns up. I ordered 4 Core sets during the fire sale in June 2015, and unfortunately have seen nothing, nor heard anything about what’s happening with it.


    Yeah Delwyn- That is exactly my fear- I figure I would give it until the end of July to hear something from them before Going to Paypal to dispute it.

    I put a note in my order to specifically contact me before shipping, but if it ships to me either way, i guess I will be happy


    ok, so no word, but i just got a notice from UPS that i am being shipped a package from Texas- which is a very good sign…

    I will keep it posted here- for anyone in the future

    PorfiriosThe Adept

    Look for Legacy Speaker Bob on here. He probably has a few cases left, he was one of the major distributors, and he was very quick with shipments. Since your package is coming from Texas (and Unbound is based in Utah), I wonder if the order got routed to him (ie, maybe Unbound asked him to take care of it , hence the extra time).

    As for building a community, I hope you’re able to and the group really enjoys it. I think there are two kinds of Magi, those who got frustrated with fulfillment and dropped it, and those who enjoy the game despite the fulfillment issues, but either can’t find someone to play it, or there’s always the newest game to play first. There are about 10 Magi in my area, I’ve met a handful of them and played with them a few times, but two are more into miniatures, one is more into a CCG that has cash prizes and such, and the rest of my gaming group is more into quick, light bluffing/deduction games.

    It is rewarding just figuring this game out, getting the flow down and learning the language. If you’re a creative type you can have a lot of fun with it.

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