Re-Learning Sehimu Thinara and re-learning Serpent's Tongue

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  • UmbramancerThe Legacy Speaker

    Took me about 3 days to re-learn Awatum, and start re-learning Sehimu Thinara. I can read and write Awatum now much better than before. Funny how that works…

    Anyway, I’ve also started re-learning how to play after a 4 year gap. Started with a basic Void Speaker spec, and nearly died to a Lesser Sentient Shadow on my first run (though I did manage to kill it in the end).

    Spent a couple of days going over my Archive cases and composing a new Void Speaker codex.

    Results were MUCH better on that second encounter with the LSS… I made a post of it here in G+, showing off my upgraded game components, too!

    After that successful run, I’ve decided to take on all the Encounters I have at my disposal, though I skipped the ECAS and went straight for Cy Passley…

    Feeling excited about the game again! Anyone else playing?

    PorfiriosThe Adept

    You know, I pulled out my archive cases a few weeks ago because someone asked a question on BGG and I just wanted to see if I could give a good answer. Yeah, I’d love to play again. I think there are about 4 of us Magi in the greater St. Louis area, and I actually ran into Legacy Speaker Bob at Geekway last weekend (he still had a Master Set box lid out).

    Content is key. The solo PVEs are nice, and a few of us put work into developing new ones. But a campaign is what we’ve always needed.

    Do you play the Tabletopia version? Actually, since I am not familiar with that platform, I have to ask if the mod got finished.

    UmbramancerThe Legacy Speaker

    Hey, Porfirios!

    Unfortunately, I’m in Puerto Rico, so I’m unable to play face to face. I haven’t played the Tabletopia version and would have to give it a look.

    If you’re working on any new Encounters, I haven’t tried to make any myself yet, but I’d love to work or help on any you have.

    Feel free to contact me on G+. You can follow the links above.

    Here’s the post for my latest encounter plays:

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