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  • UmbramancerThe Legacy Speaker

    So, now that we’ve celebrated our 5th anniversary of the kickstarter, I’d like to know where things stand.

    IIRC, Out of Eden was at about 75% or thereabouts completed as of a couple of years ago. It seems to me that this is the one goal which could be most economically feasible to fulfill.

    Is there any chance we backers can get access to a whatever material exists for this? Art-free, draft form, whatever…

    Is there any more Language material? That’d be great too!

    Also, I’d appreciate a status update. Are we dead in the water?

    Please understand that I love this game, and don’t ask out of a sense of entitlement, bitterness or anger, but out of a sense of love for the game, and a concerned investor in the future of this game. I really wanted this game to succeed.

    I’m glad to have spent money on this game. If things didn’t work out as we hoped, well, c’est la vie, no? I’ve done my part to cooperate at every step, including the firesale.

    So, if this isn’t moving forward, could we at least get a peek at the stuff that has been unreleased?

    If things ARE moving forward… where do we stand? What’s going on?

    Thanks. And thanks for a wonderful game and the opportunity to have been a part of it.

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    PorfiriosThe Adept

    Ditto, ditto, second, bump and footstomp. I’d be excited to hear any news at all. Chris, if you released material it’d get played.


    Thirded! Some of us fans do still exist! I still play with my friends up here in MA as well and have been working on how to play this narratively as well;I’m just dying to see you guy’s take on it!

    UmbramancerThe Legacy Speaker

    Hey, Magpie! If you’re working on any Solo stuff, I’d love to see what you have, and/or help in any way I can. 🙂

    I’m easy to find on G+

    see my latest post here:


    YEAH SURE! It’s all scribbled about in my google drive I’ll try to get that assembled and sensible after this weekend (I’m hosting a LARP event)

    But the basic premise is that a tell a narrative story “on rails” ala the old choose-your-own-adventure books and on each page the players have choices of actions to take, conversations with NPCs which are more ad-libbed like a traditional tabletop, puzzles, custom made PVE encounters like the ones the game comes with, or even full codex vs codex magi battles against serious adversaries.

    They start out with a small index card for their “character sheet” but the only “stats” they have are traits like introverted or extroverted, athletic, resourceful, charming, reckless, honest, cynical, hypocritical, ect. (there’s a list) which may reveal hidden narrative choices or prevent them from choosing some other restricted ones. They also track their inventory on this card; some key items (like literal keys that open story paths) or infused parchment and ink (needed copy codex pages or to create higher levels of current spells as described below) and of course there is cash money (required for some paths like buying a plane ticket, or staying in a hotel to get a proper rest) and also Tass; a concept taken from White wolf that is basically physically crystallized mana; this is a rare and valuable currency in the magi’s circles and CAN be consumed in combat for free points of on-demand mana.

    Then, they start with a baby codex of just 10 spells. in this campaign I have pre-made several to choose from, and the characters discover them near the start. No specialties yet. in between encounters they MIGHT get short rests; these are the pauses between days when they generally sleep that allow them to refill their life, essence, reset their codex and if they do have a specialty, it resets as well. (when fresh for a day they must build up their voice again. I call this building cadence; getting into the groove magically so to speak)

    As they play they earn XP. This can be be used to to change traits, for example if someone’s experiences have made a faithful man cynical, and also, at certain points where the Party is given a long rest (like a whole day of chilling in a hotel room) they can spend XP to study and improve upon their current spells; allowing them to develope level 2, 3, or 4 versions of spells they already know, or to make another copy of a page they have. They do however, also need to have discovered some special spell-ready parchment and ink to create pages.

    Otherwise they may occasionally find/earn/steal new codex pages here and there expanding their codex. Once they have achieved a “full” codex, they are allowed to spend XP to unlock a specialty although some of them require that they have also made the necessary social contacts with an appropriate mentor along the way, or have found tomes/journals that can instruct them. They may even find or earn whole new codices as well.

    My whole story is planned to be told over three separate campaigns in 3 very different times and can be played in any order but will cover the “cycle” that explains the age of silence.

    I’ve only barely just started writing the actual narrative; I’m not very good at writing choose your own adventures it turns out; but am very passionate and more experienced with systems and mechanics.

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    UmbramancerThe Legacy Speaker

    @Magpie. Sounds fantastic! I too have thought about doing a Choose Your Own Adventure type of thing!

    I’m not much of a writer but I would love to help!

    Looking forward to seeing what you have.

    ChanticrowThe Master Instructor

    +1 and bumping. Would love to see a new update.

    vermilliondeThe Adept

    Huh, people are still around. I’m actually happy. Honestly I worked with Lahzarel on some ideas for Out of Eden like, a year ago. We invented some new cannon that I thought was pretty cool. Then the work on it kinda ended, I guess control of the project went back to the creators and we started working on something else (that I sadly had to drop out of due to personal reasons). I know works been done on it, I almost wonder if it’d be better to turn some of the materials over to the community to work on at this point. At least there would be some forward momentum (no offense ST staff, we know you’re trying).

    Also, Hi Magpie! How’s the little one?


    Hey Guys! The little one is awesome, and will be turning 2 next month! I have been keeping quite busy, and #2 is in the oven!! I’ll be having another boy in mid October!!

    I still have one more LARP project this weekend taking up my time, but to give you a gist of things, I wanted to share the first flowchart I tried to make for my game’s first session:

    The numbers in each bubble correspond to a text document with the narration text and any story-teller details. I only ever wrote out the very first introduction; the rest I ad-libbed for my players.

    It looks like I also gave my players a few skills (I had forgotten about this) and they rolled a die during skill challenges; a Failure would move them along the <F> route of the chart, <S> of course was for a success.

    Basically, Players wake up in basement, investigate and meet creepy old woman who has some starter codexi for them, fight an encounter, and move on to another location. The encounter is a “minor” one; it is just a few “mobs” that are easier to beat than the fully packages encounters ST comes with. In this case I think the abominations were basically like summoned creatures/minions and if the players took too long to take them down a dark arbiter showed up:

    And just for giggles, here is the starting narration. The last thing all my players character’s remembered was that they were at the World cup championship match (for one reason or another) and then some bombs went off before they then woke up here.

    As you can see I never really finished it; I just ad-libbed a lot of it and also I had some on-paper stuff that might be lost now… it is a project I am interested in picking back up though; would be really cool.

    Oh yes, and the starter codexi I designed for them to choose from:

    Lahzarel ThaneThe Inner Sanctum - First Keeper, Keeper of Mind, Curator of Art


    Nice to see a few of you here. Presently, I’m not working on anything related to Out of Eden. Presently, I’m working with a few others on another project. I was doing some Encounters, but real life pointed me in another direction.

    Hope you are all well. If I hear anything, I’ll let you know.

    Be well,



    Hello again!

    My cluster of LARP activity has wound down for the summer and it’s time for me to sit back and get fat. (I am pregnant with #2 and due in October)

    SO! is anyone interedted in forming a little google group to work on actually getting my little project written down and somewhat made? I know that’s not as fun as playing it, but since I also devote energy to GM’ing tabletop RPG, raising a 2 year old and a part time office gig I am unlikely to hold myself accountable to a regular amount of time without some peer pressure. Let me know!

    PorfiriosThe Adept

    I would be up for helping but I won’t have much time til late July. What would you think of setting up a Trello or other project management tool to help pull it together? I don’t mind google docs but I think it’s a little less powerful.

    For my part, I started working on a project a few years ago that never went anywhere

    Ervkar FaustThe Magi

    An actual status report from CG would be nice.

    PorfiriosThe Adept

    Hi Magpie, did your child arrive? I hope you are doing well and your family is healthy.

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