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  • I also haven’t gotten my package yet and I’m not able to submit a ticket either, I’ve tried contacting Christopher directly to which he replied but I tried to get a follow up on what’s going on but haven’t received any emails or messages. I don’t wanna be a pain I just wanna play the game.


    Sorry man, but it seems like no one cares. I suppose to receive package last autumn and i’ve alredy lost hope. Not sure what more i can do about it.

    It’s anyway a year since i ordered it. :/

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    Denns GaliamsThe Adept

    Hi Muzzy sad to hear that you didint yet get your products since i always had good customer support in here.
    If you still ar interested in basic stuff on this game contact me trought pm i’m more than clad to help anyway i can since we live in same country

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