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  • Hey there,

    I am not a legacy speaker, nor am I part of the original inner circle- But I have a legitimate interest in rebooting this game.

    About 2.5 years ago I stumbled into a few starter materials and was totally hooked by the game- an interesting, amazing, potentially very profound and interesting game. There were a few hiccups and issues, and the crucible update honestly didn’t help the game design (or balance) much, but they are VERY easily resolved. The community can easy move this game forward and generate content for it in a “crowdsourced” way.

    Basically, I think that all is really necessary is a “goahead” and rights from Gabrielson for someone to print the products- and enough community interest to support it. If given that- (and even a list of those slighted by the kickstarter) I feel like I could continue this game where it left off.

    so who would be interested?

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    greyfox643The Adept

    I would love for it to happen. The first bit with community interest is the hardest part. I’d recommend starting on a Board game subreddit to gauge additional interest, and eventually branching into creating a dedicated subreddit for ST.

    I always hold out hope that it will be making a return, I’ve held onto all of my Avak-Shar point cards in the hopes that life is breathed into this. I’ve a few interested people here in Massachusetts, but I’ve been hesitant to really promote it, as ST is drifting in limbo…

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