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  • Eternal DragonThe Adept

    This isn’t talking so much about in-game strategy, but on your plans for introducing the game.

    Challenges: (1) The game is in English. (2) I do not want to present ST as a CCG as the Japanese view them–as children’s games (this thinking is far more prevalent here). (3) Supporting interest, I’d have to deal with shipping. (4) I haven’t played the game, so I cannot really talk much about it. (5) I do not live in a major city.

    Assets: (1) The game looks great! (2) The game is language based, and as a language teacher I have access to people already interested in not just English, but in language. (3) I’ve pledged high and should have a nice stockpile to generate interest. (4) The game has an open playtest which will allow me to show it. (4) I’m very involved in my community and have introduced my students to boardgames from all over the world already. (5) I already have a social group that plays games.

    Opportunities: (1) I have my school, and students from pre-school to adult coming in, usually with their families. (2) I have contracts out of my school where I teach, and enjoy social activities with my students. (3) Gaming conventions in Japan get bigger every year, and expand out of Tokyo, getting even closer to my area.

    The Plan: I have already mentioned the game to some adult students and to educators. I will look deeply at the game and devour the rules (sets). I will introduce those modes of play and pre-constructed decks to teach and show the game to my students. I will give or sell the game to a few people. I will try to organize a little more organized play, to get the most out of my days away from my school. I will look into producing banners, posters, flyers and such for a more professional presentation (though, I hope that ST itself will have such kits available). I will rekindle my membership with far-flung gaming organizations (read: get back into chatting with the JIGG), and contact offical convention organizers.

    Though going out there and just playing is probably the extent of how most people are going to do it, I have some unique challenges to deal with. I’m glad that ST came along when it did because it’s just the vehicle to expand what I was already doing, and taking me in directions (especially in regard to taking part in conventions) that I already wanted to go!

    What’s your plan?


    I plan to hit the local gaming shops and ask around for groups playing ST, and suggest some if they are not already going, with fliers and such. I also plan on travelling to local or even far away conventions that will be running ST tournaments or games, or even expo’s where the developers are showing the goods even if there are not ST games going on. I have been out of gaming face to face for a while and I saw ST as a perfect opportunity to jump back in.

    Jonathon BlakeThe Inner Sanctum ...

    Personally, I know a lot of gamers in my area, I’ll do what I always have; Show the game off, let them drool over the pretty pictures (but not on, never on), and then show them how simple and fun the game is. (Basing this on the videos, but from what I understand of the mechanics shown thus far still simpler than MtG by an order of magnitude) Surprisingly, this formula works… A lot…

    Most likely I’ll contact the games programming coordinator at one of the local conventions I frequent (Archon anyone?) and see if I can get a few demo slots, he’s nice like that. If the game is in my hands before the second week of October, I’ll demo at the con, otherwise it’ll be a few road trips to the local game stores. New games spread kinda fast around here if they take root, I’ve seen it happen -many- times. Have to admit though, a press kit wouldn’t be bad for being able to leave at the stores/cons…

    Marcus LiberThe Magi Officiant

    On weekends, when I’ve nothing to do, I’d often go to a random game/hobby shop within a 50 mile radius to see what’s up. Other times I jump into the local hobby gaming forums for any events I can attend. Also, there’s a monthly event here called the Open Game Meet (OGM) where anyone and everyone can bring any game they want and demo it to anybody interested (so long as you inform the organizers in advance).

    As eghost & awakeneddragon said, a press kit will definitely be helpful to get people interested in the game, and help promote it.

    Eternal DragonThe Adept

    Ah! The good old days of just going down to the shop to play/shop!

    Actually, Tokushima has a few card game shops (catering to the Battle Break/Yu-Gi-Oh!/etc card games), but except for the staff, I’ve never seen anyone in there older than 10. Still, I figure I’ll pack up my kit and stop by with a, “Hey, guys, how about a new game?” to the staff, but I definitely see the game doing better as I funnel it into the stream via the education route.

    Jonathon BlakeThe Inner Sanctum ...

    It does make it a touch easier…:)

    To be honest in the situation you’ve laid out the education route is probably the best. Though the staff (and the ten year olds) may surprise you at the card shops. If you frequent any of the gaming website/forums you may be able to branch out that way, but it won’t help much for getting a group of players local to you… Beyond that, you may find it needful to take a day trip to the nearest available gaming convention…Can be kinda costly though.

    I believe you get the unenviable position of doing gaming “cold calls”… Least it looks to be a good, solid game… 🙂

    Stalfos BlavanoThe Magi

    I work in a large new/used books store that has a community room. We already have groups that meet for poetry, chess, mahjong, board games, music, and discussion on myth/magick. The ability to demo the game to such a group of like minded people would be outstanding. I believe, with the right materials (press kit), that Serpent’s Tongue will reach out to people that wouldn’t be traditionally interested in such a game.

    That being said, a 8.5 x 11 flyer on a community board about ST would be one step to spreading the word. Also, a demo video to introduce people to ST would be outstanding. Keep in mind that people who could be interested in the game may not have interest in card games or roleplaying games (but should include gamers). It should cover language, mythos, game contents, low/mid/high level play, and a brief discussion with players (gamer & non) after play.

    Serpent’s tongue has the ability to break through gaming barriers. I’d like to help expand that reach by peaking the interest of people not traditionally interested in game, but interested in knowledge. That being said, I can’t wait to have materials in hand so I can spread the word.

    -Stalfos Blavano, Magi

    TechgnostikThe Legacy Speaker

    I’ve already been in contact with a local game shop and the owner asked if I would come down and show him what it’s all about once I have it in my hands. He checked out the site and likes what he sees so far. So hopefully I can drum up some interest over there and not only will they distribute it in the future, but regular games will start up there. That and I’ll be using my many extra Core sets to get friends and family interested.


    When I get the final product in my hands, my wife and I will just bring it with us when we go to our events.

    Like PAX West and MegaCon. Maybe even the Ren Faires. Exposure is the best practice, in my eyes.

    I can see a group of people in the Medieval and Rennaisance Society taking interest in this game. it may be a way to pass the time during long slogs at fairs.

    NotDomoThe Legacy Speaker

    “(2) I do not want to present ST as a CCG as the Japanese view them–as children’s games”
    If you concentrate on conventions and game stores with MTG presence, this shouldn’t be as much of a problem. Otaku power! XD
    (I suppose many MTG players there wouldn’t necessarily wanna see themselves as Otaku, but you do have a large MTG presence there to work with.)

    I have clout in my area as one of the MTG tournament organizers in my city/university. We’ve grown to getting over 100 players for prereleases, so I’ll be advertising there as well as the local gaming groups I know. I’ve already e-mailed the 3 LGSs in the area. One of them has replied so far that they’ve sent an inquiry to ST. =D

    The Eternal DancerThe Name of Power

    I’m hoping to run a tournament/festival of some kind. I have enough sets coming to support 32+ people at once. Waiting to see how the playtest go to figure out if a 2v2 or 1v1v1v1 or some other format is the most interesting in showcasing the game to first timers. Or even if running the campaign/mini-version of the campaign does a better job and score on some access (time, number of incantations, lowest total essence lost, etc)

    Starting off with just my colleagues, I suspect I’d get 10-20 easy… then allow then to bring a friend up to my seating limit. We have a lot of MtG fans, so the format should also do a good job showing off how this is different/better. I haven’t played that much MtG myself (and only 1v1) so I don’t know how unique the cooperative/team play is but I think the rituals/interrupt/ready stone combos should be a distinguishing characteristic?

    Legacy Speaker TeamskiThe Legacy Speaker

    Well, I am going traditional and will just start playing it to show the game off. No doubt, the cards will be the real attraction for the game (at least until the codices are on the streets). I think people will then gravitate towards it once they see what it is all about……


    Eternal DragonThe Adept

    Cold-calling! I shiver, but so be it. M:tG just never took off in my area, and the CCGs remain Japan-based. I am glad that I’ve been playing games with my students for so long!

    And I totally agree that a tournament is a must. I think it’ll be just the thing to “test” my students’ abilities. I’m already looking at getting a banner of some kind made, maybe I’ll post in the requests forum for some high-res images…

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