Here's a pretty good build that I threw together after some trial and error

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  • IvotianThe Adept

    Greetings my fellow Magi,
    Here’s a good codex I built after some trial and error:
    Ring of Ritual Casting
    Master Rift Fluency 4 (Goes under the ring)
    Temporal Bubble Fluency 2 x1
    Dimensional Dodge Fluency 2 x2
    Rift Stretching Fluency 3 x1
    Rift Stretching Fluency 2 x1
    Dimensional Rupture Fluency 2 x3
    Enlarge Rift Fluency 1 x2
    Erode Duration Fluency 2 x2
    Prolong Cast x3 Fluency 2 x1
    Event Horizon Fluency 3 x1
    Stalling Tactis Fluency 3 x1
    The Unraveling Fluency 4 x2
    The Unraveling Fluency 2 x1
    God’s Dice Fluency 3 x1
    Guided Assault Fluency 2 x1
    Planar Transformation Fluency 2 x2
    Slow Time Fluency 2 x1
    Slow Area Fluency 2 x1
    Temporal Shearing Fluency 3 x1
    Temporal Shearing Fluency 2 x2

    It’s got a pretty good track record so far. Only lost once out of…I’m not actually sure, but it’s been the Codex I’ve gone with since about six months after the game came out and it only lost once which was a few days ago. Send unto me thine thoughts


    I like the idea, it is different from anything I have played. I would like to assemble and play a few games with my group to be able discuss it with you properly.

    But first I have some observations:

    What spec are you playing?

    Codex limits apply to the card you place under the ring so it has to be one of your 27 and you can’t break fluency limits with it.

    It seems kind of dangerous to run only 1 rift in a codex where almost every card needs the rift to be played. Seems to me an early counter spell or removal spell would stop you in your tracks, especially since the only card you have that can protect you against an early counter spell is Dimensional Dodge which will cost you 4 Resonance.

    CastimirrThe Magi

    To his credit it generally has multiple rifts. (I say this as one of his normal opponents). That got changed recently by mistake. I pointed out this mistake (to both of our surprise) with [Quivering Palm] last night. we both had an awkward “well, hmm. Guess that is game” moment.

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    Ah, I see. Since I would like to try the codex out it would be nice if you could post the older version that had more rifts, since I don’t know the codex well enough to know which cards to drop.

    Wizard LondThe Inner Sanctum - Archivist Storyteller

    Are you playing with or without the errata modifications?

    If you are playing with the errata modifications, I would drop the two Guided Assaults in favor of two more Rifts.


    He is only playing 1 Guided Assault and I think the codex needs it. The Unraveling costs 2 actions to cast and will become next to useles,s vs a lot of codice,s without a way to prevent evades.

    Wizard LondThe Inner Sanctum - Archivist Storyteller

    > Guided Assault Fluency 2 x1

    Oh. I read “2x” instead of “x1”. Still… of that list, the Guided Assault is the weakest link in the set, IMHO.

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