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  • Still trying to tinker my way through the game and the templates, but I had an Idea for an encounter and I thought I would start brainstorming here.

    CYP is Basically the only “caster” you get to go up against- but he is still “immune” to a few decktypes (esper especially) and I feel like there are a few styles of play that are missing- so I tried to piece together a different version here.

    The Thirst for knowledge is an constant urge for the awakened. Speakers ceaselessly seek out new spells, rites and rituals to expand their minds and powers- but at the edge of all known things there is a darkness, an evil that lurks in the edges of those things, and as a magi’s wisdom becomes more complete, that darkness seeps into them. Many speakers are content with a working understanding of things, but those that delve to far, too deep into the truth are touched by this evil and find themselves twisted into insatiable maniacs, endlessly unsatisfied by simple secrets, forced to unlock unspeakable secrets to slake their thirst for knowledge.

    Resonance 4
    Essence 3
    Harmony -3
    Will: 1
    Actions: 2 (+1)

    Draw bag
    3 red, 1 green, 1 Yellow, 1 black if he cannot act for any reason- he will “realign” as his action

    DECK (counts as a codex)-
    Shuffle 30 (+5) spell cards to form the ERUDITE’s codex (this number is flexible, I am not sure what is a good challenge yet). This will always leave the top card “exposed” but I have found this is still ok- for extra challenge, this is basically 3 inscription packs.

    Each time the Erudite would take damage (or go below 19 harmony), he will discard cards from the ERUDITE’s deck equal to the damage taken instead of taking damage. If there are no cards left in the ERUDITE’s Deck, he will take damage directly. If the ERUDITE would be slain by an effect, he spends 1 Will, the spell, and all spells he has in play are banished (before resolving, and he is reset to 0 harmony.

    If a spell requires the ERUDITE to discard a component or other part for the basic casting of a spell and the erudite does not have it, he may Discard 1 card from the top of the ERUDITE’s Deck for each component or resonance. If a Spell has a cost or sustain that the erudite cannot pay, ERUDITE will pay it by discarding 1 card from the top of his deck

    Highest Fluency rating of last spell cast
    Player with the highest number of spells remaining in their codex

    Red- Show of strength
    Draw 2(+1) Cards from the erudite’s deck

    If there are Valid Targets for the spells, the erudite casts them all (paying all appropriate costs). If it is a response- it is held until the first opportunity for it to be cast- and then it is cast. if a spell has a Focus requirement, he will move his focus to the most recently cast spell.
    If a Spell cannot be cast, all other spells that turn are cast at maximum Ritual paths.

    Any Cards in The ERUDITE’s Discard
    Remembering- Return 3 (+1) cards from discard to the bottom for the ERUDITE’s Deck

    The Thirst for knowledge- Each player must “give” one spell to the ERUDITE, who immediately casts them all (player’s choice of order), banish them when they are discarded

    Any Cards in discard- Realign- Banish all Cards from the ERUDITE’s Discard- Gain Harmony Equal to the total +1 (+1). Gain 2 (+1) resonance.
    Reset the bag.


    Forbidden Tombs- Cast a Avak’shar Card into play in the ERUDITE’s Enhancement area, It counts as all 6 spheres, Backlash 4, if there is no space it will replace the oldest NON-Avak’shar enhancement. If this is the 4th Avak’shar the ERUDITE has in play, the players immediately lose.

    VARIANT- Instead of a draw bag, Use the top card of the ERUDITE’s deck each action, to determine the action performed:

    Attack/ Component/ ally- Red
    Defence- yellow
    Transmute/ Abjuration- Green
    Enchancement- Black

    After determining the action to be played, immediatley place that card on the bottom of the ERUDITE’s deck.


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    PorfiriosThe Adept

    First, welcome to these humble boards. Second, I appreciate your trying to tackle something really tough, which is auto-playing a random codex. I think trying to play your own codex if chosen randomly would be tough enough.

    I think that the mechanic of discarding to pay a cost would have to be limited, though. It makes perfect sense with something like Acidic Matter – don’t have the component? Just spend the next card, and the resonance if there’s not enough. But with something like Existence Injunction, dump ten cards and game over. In the game world, the more powerful cards make sense because they require a build-up. Existence Injunction requires basically locking down your target and isolating her from the rest of the universe, before overpowering her with Resonance so she is obliterated.

    Maybe some of this can be gotten around by allowing _certain_ precursors to be generically cast. For example, if the Erudite has a ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ that can be any matter component and a ‘SoulWork Clock’ that can be a rift charge, and those can be cast into play with a discard from the deck, that might resolve some things.

    Another approach might be to tailor a deck that doesn’t require precursors, so the random pull of cards can still function. That does away with the randomized deck, but it gets around the issue of card dependency, ie that some cards are uselessly cast without knowing that they won’t be used. If I understand your rules correctly, the Erudite would have to cast a Pillar of Earth even if there are no other matter spells in the deck.

    I like your creativity. Keep chewing on it.

    One note – You shouldn’t have four Avak-Shar in three packs – the randomization had issues but I don’t think I’ve ever seen two in one pack.


    Hey there! thanks for the welcome- it is exciting to see a couple of people still here.

    Hmmmmm, good points- especially on the “uber” spells (like atomic strike, injunctions, and other big swings)-

    I would like a more open ended resource available to the Erudite, because there are lots of things that could be required beyond matter components and rifts- like cellular augmentations, specific targets for spells (Though technically, spells that would target a non-existent defensible post would still fizzle in a weird way), and things like esper/ chi

    As always- trying to keep things simple is best-

    what if he is just limited to 1 “fake component” per manifestation? That keeps major spells from “accidentally” casting, but it still has a side effect (ritualizing his other spells). It also means on the off chance he has some of the parts of a spell in his deck, he can unlock spells later on (through cycling)

    And if he happens to cast a pillar of earth with nothing in the deck that would require it…… that is fine- the players dont know that, and it is the threat that counts 😉

    VERY good ideas/criticism though, i really appreciate the feedback- I will try fiddling around with the idea

    ( also- while I dont LOVE the idea of the preset deck- it seems like a lot of work, and hard for players to have all the pieces, i will try putting together something that would flow consistently and interestingly- if anyone else has good ideas of what would go well, let me know…)

    yeah- I know- you would need to open 4 packs to play- removing the Artifacts and specializations would drop you down below the minimum you would need anyways- I will amend the post.

    PorfiriosThe Adept

    Let me ask you this – which do you like more, the random set of spells or the ability to autoplay the deck? And I mean random in terms of drafting the deck, not drafting the hand.

    If you want a random deck, you have to set up work-arounds for the spells that don’t work. The single fake component is one, cycling down to simpler spells is another – perhaps by setting aside any level III or IV spells and re-drafting LVL I and II, and setting up an order of component-attack-defense rather than a truly random draw.

    If you want a deck that autoplays well, you may have to construct it. You can even start with a larger pool of spells that work together because:
    1) There are a large number of positive-resource spells (components are almost always positive res)
    2) Restrict spheres so that components are more likely to show up for spells that need them.
    3) Keepaway from rares – they’re more likely to have heavy requirements that won’t randomly be fulfilled.

    One final thought – if the foe is the erudite, maybe the foe has a large number of fairly sophisticated spells and this Erudite just needs his own Codex. One you could write 🙂

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