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  • Has information gone out to all customers still awaiting orders?

    I have attempted contact multiple times to update my address to no avail.

    I submitted a Support Case, yet I now have no permission to check on it status.

    Is it possible to have it looked at?



    Hello DarkYoung,

    I can see your support ticket. Looks like you posted it a week ago. The post is bugged somehow, I think, because it says it was posted by “anonymous”, not by you, which is probably why you can’t see it.

    Chris responded to your ticket. Since I don’t have a way to contact you privately, I’ll just re-post Chris’ response here:

    “Hi- the Canadian orders that went out paid for the extra shipping to Canada. We will refund your order as we are unable to get it up there for less than $50 🙂”

    That’s all I know. Since you can’t read the ticket yourself, I’d suggest posting another one while logged in under your account. Hopefully, that one won’t be bugged.


    Even while logged in as me, I am unable to access Support, or the link.

    I am good with either a refund or I can provide a US mailing address.

    Whichever works for UnBound.

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