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  • Has information gone out to all customers still awaiting orders?

    I have attempted contact multiple times to update my address to no avail.

    I submitted a Support Case, yet I now have no permission to check on it status.

    Is it possible to have it looked at?



    Hello DarkYoung,

    I can see your support ticket. Looks like you posted it a week ago. The post is bugged somehow, I think, because it says it was posted by “anonymous”, not by you, which is probably why you can’t see it.

    Chris responded to your ticket. Since I don’t have a way to contact you privately, I’ll just re-post Chris’ response here:

    “Hi- the Canadian orders that went out paid for the extra shipping to Canada. We will refund your order as we are unable to get it up there for less than $50 🙂”

    That’s all I know. Since you can’t read the ticket yourself, I’d suggest posting another one while logged in under your account. Hopefully, that one won’t be bugged.


    Even while logged in as me, I am unable to access Support, or the link.

    I am good with either a refund or I can provide a US mailing address.

    Whichever works for UnBound.

    Master BowlbyThe Prodigy Master

    Have no idea who is reading what where, so I’ll post this here. I am willing to pay for a second time to get my Canadian fire sale order. I hope someone can resolve this for me.


    Hello Master Bowlby.

    Sorry to hear that this hasn’t been resolved for you yet. Did you see Chris’ reply to your ticket? It shows in the support area that he replied 4 days ago.

    I know some people are having trouble accessing the support area due to accounts not syncing properly. To summarize Chris’ response: Elite Fulfillment is not shipping new orders right now. He is trying to work that out. Failing that, he may be able to send you some archive cases from his personal inventory.

    To anyone else with issues with orders etc., the best way to report the problem is to file a ticket in the support area, if possible. I can see all tickets (public and private) and Chris and others seem to follow up on them semi-regularly (maybe once a month or so).

    I hope that helps.

    Master BowlbyThe Prodigy Master

    No, I did not see that. It helps in that it’s better than no answer.

    It’s very disappointing. As one of the highest paying Kickstarter backers, who made a decent sized firesale order, I really wish I would have been prioritized in getting looked after. As a Prodigy Master, I was supposed to get free future products for life… few backers/supporters/customers have lost out as much as I have.

    That being said, I haven’t lost out more than Chris. He should keep his.

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    I hear you. I wish there was more that I could do. :-/

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