Bit of a shame

  • XararionThe Adept

    Avak-shar system was one of the great ideas attached to serpents tongue, sadly I never got my order in or heard from it again when I made mine back in the day. Not an admonishment, though it was certainly bit frustrating to lose that money back then. I know there were troubles about it, though admitedly I heard of them belatedly due to real life becoming an issue. My order back then was for bunch of specialisations and few cards, since I was one of those original backers who got the unscrambled boxes that had no specialisations at all in our archive cases.

    Now I can’t even view my points remaining, which by my vague memory was like 3/4 of my points (two archives was lot of points). If there is ever recovery to be had in the game, which I’d love, I hope I can spend rest of my points.

    ziggy2000The Adept

    I never even got the rewards package from the original kickstarter. Years on and no news. Very disappointed. My avak shar points just disappeared, along with the money for my “Line for Life” subscription and all the other perks I was charged for.

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