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  • skelleyThe Adept

    i think this may have been said but I haven’t seen anything about it in a while my friends and I in Maine haven’t received our bag of shadows or the out of Eden yet are those still in production or did someone just skip us just wondering. If they are still in production dose anyone know if a timeline was set and if so could someone let me know what that timeline was I appreciate it very much I love this game and look forward to more of it to come.

    IIzakThe Adept

    @kelle341, I’m not staff, but they would probably link you to this thread.

    Talks about all that stuff.

    skelleyThe Adept

    thanks I did read that post but there still hasn’t been a conformation about it all the gamers around where I am in Maine ( not a lot but about 100 of us) are all waiting for the Out of Eden campaign and our bag of shadows rewards items that’s it the big selling point here was the campaign and no one has it so people are feeling cheated just wondering if there is info that I could show these people to calm them down a bit and convince them to wait a bit more.

    Christopher GabrielsonThe Servant of the Awakening

    updated the KickStarter REwards Thread : )

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