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    Ideas for making randomness more palatable for those who prefer less:
    1) make the effects small – this is a bit hard to do as there are so few essence and will. Going to a more granular model would help make effects like “take 10+d6” essence possible. There is a bit of chance here, but if say a magi starts with 100 essence and the d6 damage effects are common, it should average out. I don’t have much of a problem with a system like this as it encourages a large number of dice rolls, none of which will have a very large effect. You could still have some fixed damage cards for those who like things reliable (or not).
    One idea, using the currently proposed discord system, would be to simply be forced to discard a card if you fail your discord role. Based on what I know of it so far I still am not a fan of the discord dice, but this might avoid the race to the bottom effect we discussed previously. People would in some ways be MORE likely to utilize discord, but at least it isn’t catastrophic when they fail their roll. Anytime a roll has a significant chance of being catastrophic the effect is far from small (unless the player arrived in this situation due to complex meaningful choices and was simply outplayed) This change would also increase the viability of “deck out” strategies, unless cards were put in effect which allowed you to return spells to your codex from your discard pile.
    2) give players some control of the randomness – I shared the idea of a discord deck in the playtest 3.0 thread. This is just one example of a way to include “less random” randomness. Cards in general allow a bit more strategy as you can predict what is coming up but they have the unfortunate (from my perspective) tendency to induce card counting.
    3) make the randomness modular – several folks have suggested this already and I really like this idea. Wether it comes in the form of experimental spells or environmental effects, this allows a way to have a very different play experience while maintaining the integrity of the core system for a more strategic experience. The added plus of this is if it later turns out to break the game it isn’t a great loss. Just play with a DIFFERENT modular component and you’re all set. I could see myself having a ton of fun playing with the different modular components in between more intellectually serious non-random duels. Think chess vs fairy chess, to make a fairly bad analogy. I have to say, I hope there are at least a few optional environment cards or decks that have interesting effects just o mix things up 🙂

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