Greetings International Magi,

Here is the current status on international orders:

1. Australia / Asia started processing yesterday from Hong Kong.

2. Canadian orders started being returned due to un-paid import fees just like last time we did bulk from the US to Canada. Im not sure why our fulfillment center cant seem to send to canada in such a way to avoid this. I think its a documentation issue. Not to worry, I am freighting up a bunch of inventory to the Shipwire center in Toronto and have already submitted the orders, so once it arrives Shipwire will send them out with expedited shipping within 24 hours.

3. European – this was the troublesome one. We got a bit ‘screwed’ by our UK fulfillment center. We had an agreement to pay $1000 for past due and $1000 for new orders. They then kept the $2,000 and their accountant demanded more before they ship out; in total contradiction to our arrangement we had made one week earlier.  Ive known this for 3 days, sorry, but Ive been trying to come to a solution. I THINK we may have come to a compromise and I hope to ship out on Monday or Tuesday; I will update on Monday on this.

I apologize for the delay, everything went absolutely haywire once we tried to start shipping these firesale orders out. If i had known I would have wrangled out new deals BEFORE commencing the firesale.

3A. I also have a backup plan on Europe as well just in case- We made a proposal to our Polish Distributor, which owes us 3000 Euros and probably not going to pay anytime soon, where THEY would ship out EU orders from their large stock, and we would cancel their debt.

USA and ASIA are now all smoothed out and we do not foresee any issues going forward, so we can return to our previous 24 hour processing time. Canada will join that club shortly as well.


FOLLOW UP: Canada issue: Our $900 freight to Canada has shown back up in our Dallas fulfillment center with an extra bill of $650 for return freight. We have NO idea why this did not pass through customs, whether not enough taxes paid, incorrect documents but we were not aware of the issue until the center told us it had been returned. This puts a definite wrinkle into delivering Canadian Fire Sale orders, we apologize. We are trying to find a solution. That $900 represented more than the orders placed from Canada, but we were investing into getting some extra stock up there.

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