FIRESALE UPDATE #2 – $6,000+ raised

Greetings Magi!

We have now raised $8,500 total but approximately $2,500 of that is in shipping and handling fees for the fire sale orders, netting us about $6,000. : )

We will now get the reward packets and avak;shar cards moving and their in-country movement and final distribution center setup. We could have done this last weekend since we had reached $4k, especially with the help of a couple large supporters, in particular Bob Allen from Dallas TX who continues to go to bat for Serpent’s Tongue at all times; thanks Bob! But we held off for a couple days to make sure we weren’t going to have to issue refunds to everyone when a fulfillment wrinkle surfaced:

Fulfillment Wrinkle 1

We had a wrinkle with our domestic and UK fulfillment centers with a sudden and dramatic spike in pricing (for example pick and packing for a 4 unit set was going to cost approximately $28.00 + shipping) but we have just come to a much better agreement and they are drawing up the new contract as we speak. This will allow the shipments to flow once again. Sorry for the delay, the spike in pricing came unexpectedly as we started to submit orders. The shipments must flow.

Approximately $1,500 of the remaining $6,000 will go to past invoices to keep the fulfillment centers open. With the remaining $4,500 we can get everything moving, and catch up on the remaining funds necessary for stage 1 and 2 of promise fulfillment as we go forward. We appreciate all of your support, I know for a fact that many of you did not necessarily NEED more Core Sets, but I appreciate you jumping in on the current deals to help us out.


Next Updates

We will update you when:

The orders are shipping out (hopefully tomorrow)

The reward packets and avak’shar cards are ON the boat.



After some deliberation on how to compensate James Wright for his massive investment of time in creating ST ARENA 2.0, he has up and offered it to the public for free. Thanks James. We will try to get that uploaded with instructions and possibly some trouble-shooting guides asap. (For those that dont know this is the virtual online version of Serpent’s Tongue. Its quite slick.)



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