Greetings Magi,

So we have YET to ship any firesale orders, due to a high stack of bullshit. The process for order submission, pricing & invoicing, pre-paying, and confirmation of each order has completely changed since we started the fire sale and we have been trying to adapt to it.  We ran into problems with things as simple as the spreadsheet format for submitting the orders, and are now still awaiting the invoices from the fulfillment centers that we will be pre-paying. I hope to have the final invoice tomorrow afternoon, we will pay via paypal tomorrow evening and orders should begin to ship on Wednesday. I know i set the time estimate on this several times before and we have yet to ship anything out BUT THIS should finally be it. If orders dont ship out on Wednesday, we will update that day as to why and of course at that point if anyone wants to request a refund we will issue it. We are looking at the costs of adding bonus packs as way of apology to all of these orders. the pick and pack fees per pack rack up very quickly but if we can we will add packs to every fire-sale order as a small token of our appreciation for your patience!

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