Codex Construction Guides

So Magi, now that you are Awoken, wondering what type of Spell Codex to build? Eventually your own creativity must guide your choices, but for now learn from those who have come before you. Begin with one of the Novice level match ups to learn basic PVP combat techniques. These are beginner Codices with fewer spells than normal. 

When you are ready to construct a full 27 Spell Codex reference the Adept Codex Section at the bottom of the page. 

Life Chanter vs Hermetic Chemist


Train in the art of healing while causing damage as the Life Chanter. As the Chemist study the correct use of Matter Components to build a powerful onslaught.

Chant of Forms vs Krell Rift Master


Explore the raw power of Forces with the Chant.  Master the utility and trickery of Quantum as the Rift Master.  

Adept Level Codices

Each of these images will take you to a full 27 spell Codex designed around one of the Specialized Masteries found in your Magi’s Chest. 

lifechanter2Life Chanter

Hermetic-Chemist2Hermetic Chemist

chant-of-forms-class-page-test-10Chant of Forms

prodigy-esperProdigy Esper

void-speakerVoid Speaker

krell-rift-masterKrell Rift Master