Class Specializations

The newly awoken Magi remembers very little of their past lives. It is by invoking the power of Sehimu Thinara, by intoning the Great Speech, that their previous masteries return. Each Magi begins a match with a Specialization, which represents their full potential. They begin with the Initiate ability unlocked and over time may spend Resonance and Voice to unlock deeper memories. Paying attention to an enemy Magi’s chosen specialization may provide an early clue as to the type of spells they will be casting. 


Forces – Core Set

Forces Magick requires tremendous amounts of raw energy in the form of Resonance and Harmony. In order to increase the efficiency of this expenditure, Forces Magi shape-shift into forms attuned to their chosen element. The Chant of Forms empowers these shape-shifts allowing the Magi to simultaneously take on several forms.


Matter – Core Set

Slow and steady is the path of the Matter Magi. Layer upon layer are Matter spells built, drawing from the power of physical components. The Hermetic Chemist begins his path by communing with parts of the physical world, drawing from them the reagents and components that fuel the most dramatic changes.


Soul – Core Set

The master of Dispels, the Void Speaker interferes with opponents’ plans by destroying their magick before it can manifest.


Bio – Core Set

Accelerated healing is a difficult and uncommon ability amongst the Magi. Bio Magi  have learned to borrow from the health of their opponents to bolster their own and their allies. Life Chanters advance this art.


Mind – Core Set

The Mind Magi represents a special threat to other Magi; able to rip apart the attunement that connects a Magi to their spells. The process is laborious however and requires extensive Focus. The Prodigy Esper has honed their proclivities with Mind Magick allowing them faster access to their opponents minds, and then their spells.


Quantum – Core Set

Few spheres of Magick have more utility and tricks than Quantum; but it requires multiple tears in reality called Rifts to power most Quantum spells. Prodigy Speaker Krell developed the techniques that allows one to draw greater efficiency from Rifts, and subsequent Quantum effects.

Classes available from Expansion Packs & Avak'Shar Redemption


General – Expansion Packs

As a master spell caster, the Arcane Savant eschews focusing on one Sphere and its mechanics. The Savant thrives on the diversity of magick. The average Savant Codex could include anything. The specialization grants abilities in combat speed and re-attunement.


Matter – Expansion Packs

An Artificer focuses on making: matter reshaped into more useful forms. Because such magick is slow, the Artificer finds strength in friends. Multiple allies with an active Hive Mind spell keeps the Artificer’s Resonance strong enough for powerful effects. If the Artificer doesn’t have friends, he or she makes them… by constructing Golems and other koishaka (the Sehimu Thinara word for “constructed Ally”).


Matter + Quantum  – Expansion Packs

The Crafter of the Null is an expert in flexibility and utility. Their ability to blend energy and matter makes their Quantum and Matter Components are nearly interchangeable. The neatest trick of the Crafter is to vanish into a pocket dimension, able to still wage war in common reality without the commoners firing back. This is a highly Discordant practice and hard to sustain for long.


Soul – Expansion Packs

The Disciples of Cain have been a thorn in the side of other Magi for generations uncounted. They have strange abilities supposedly gifted by (mythical?) Cain. They are experts in the use of Will. They frequently bear the Mark of Cain and often share the Curse of Cain. Beware of fighting Cain’s brood: they excel in generating Discord from which they themselves are somewhat more immune.


Matter + Forces – Expansion Packs

The Incendiarist Adept is a niche specialty. Victory with this spec will require every Volatile Component and Heat spell you can find. The Incendiarist transforms Heat effects into Nuclear effects, allowing them to breech some defenses, including burning a Flame Form enemy (who would otherwise be immune to such effects). Let your anger fuel your magick with this spec!


Soul – Expansion Packs

The Inquisitor is, of course, a Master of Soul, with a particular taste for Karmic and Dark Chi incantations. All spells with these aspects should be included in this Magi’s Codex. If you have accumulated spiritual debt, take care, for the Inquisitor will be coming to collect.


Mind – Expansion Packs

The Psych Warden is relentless yet subtle in the quest to dominate enemy minds. Mental curses are his specialty. He uses them to fuel his more costly Transmutes. There are Psych Wardens on all sides of the Reality War. Many choose this specialization because they know: if victory is won in the mind, the body and soul are guaranteed.


Quantum + Bio – Expansion Packs

First, imagine a werewolf, many times the speed and strength of a normal human and with a penchant for eating such normal humans. Next, give that werewolf the ability to teleport at will, to wander through the walls that keep such nightmares at bay. Finally… see if you can sleep once I tell you such monsters do exist. Good luck.


Quantum – Expansion Packs

The true benders of time, the Tempus Torn’s most powerful advantage may be their ability use themselves as Quantum portals. Doing such drains the Magi of personal vitae of course, and thus this technique must be used strategically. Time may seem to run backwards for these Magi: observers report watching wounds heal quickly, leaving no scar.


General – Avak’Shar Only

Enduring Souls are tenacious. Some claim that they are immortal — true immortals, not serial mortals like most Magi. They act indifferent to devastating attacks. They ignore notorious curses. They may clear an entire battle field with wide Area attacks (such as Volcano or Singularity), even if they may destroy themselves in the process… these masters simply re-coalesce a moment later.


General – Expansion Packs

The Tinkers of Pentad are the mechanics of the Magi. Although many Magi know how to create Artifacts, only Pentad and Tychos ever solved the riddle of combining multiple Artifacts together, though their methods are very different. Pentad shared his method only with his fellow Tinkers.


Quantum – Expansion Packs

These masters have learned to disperse the personal weave of reality in enemies and bolster it in themselves: they tunnel into alternate dimensions of extreme chaos or order. The Harmony imbalance creates a vacuum that pulls energy from one world into the other. The UnWeaver constructs specialized Rifts necessary for this pinpoint targeting. With Avak’Shar: Master UnWeaver


Matter – Expansion Packs

World Shapers rely on the permanence of their Components. They eschew the wastefulness of the Hermetics, and they do not support the Artificer’s “unnatural creations.” They strategically summon their Components to be used and then re-used by other effects, allowing some strategies for the World Shaper that may be counterintuitive to unfamiliar Magi. With Avak’Shar: Master World Shaper


Forces – Expansion Packs

Translated roughly as ‘Eye of the Storm’, these Magi find joy in the chaos of reality. The storm, while sometimes accompanied by an actual storm, refers to the maelstrom of energies that wielding magick can create. This is a wild and unpredictable specialization. So far as Keeper records know, the wild talents cannot be trained, merely discovered accidentally.

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