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Avak’Shar is the life blood of Magi society and politics. It is the intangible aura of mastery and power that demands respect from those around you. Use your Avak’Shar to gain access to your faction’s archives and artifact caches. 

Honor Authority Power

Every Expansion Pack has an Avak’Shar Code card. Each code is worth at minimum one Canon card, but on average is worth more. Redeem your codes above, gain Avak’Shar ranks, and then spend ranks to gain cards from the Avak’Shar Card Catalog.


Avak’Shar System Launch Schedule

The Code Redemption system is finished! You can now:

REDEEM CODES and add Avak’Shar securely to your BecomeMagi account.

RESERVE CARDS and have them automatically sent to you when the Cards arrive by ocean freight March 2015. There are 450 copies of Apocryphal Cards en route and 250 of Canon and Obscura. Hot cards will go fast so consider reserving early!

Avak’Shar Cards are printed & trimmed & packaged for freight. They are currently being loaded for transport. ETA March 21, 2015.

KickStarters will have their bonus Avak’Shar added to their accounts by the time the cards arrive.

Each Expansion Pack contains a randomized set of 12 cards
and a 13th ‘Wild Card’ with an Avak’Shar code that can be
redeemed to acquire any card you want in the catalogs.

Avak’Shar Catalog Links

Spell Catalog

Artifact Catalog

Specialized Mastery Catalog

Avak’Shar Cart

Launch Sales: From now until the physical cards arrive, Avak’Shar cards, especially the rare Specs & Artifacts, will be available at a reduced rate! (1200 down to 500 – 750) The Avak’Shar Exclusive cards, rarest and currently ranging from 2500 to 10000 Avak’Shar, will be half price.  This pricing is a bonus to KS backers and pre-orders. It also helps compensate for the low-res artifacts that were distributed and for those Archive Cases with a low percentage of Specs & Artifacts.

Avak’Shar Exclusives

Adept-Class Specializations

Adept Classes are re-balanced versions of Specs found in Inscription Expansion packs. The older versions are still available for play. The newer versions have had some abilities adjusted to make them more balanced and/or more versatile or fun.
1600 ASM (on sale for 800)

[fcn id=”4989″]

Adept of Pentad

[fcn id=”4908″]

Artificer Adept

[fcn id=”4920″]

Disciple of Cain (Adept)

[fcn id=”5182″]

Incendiarist Adept

[fcn id=”4878″]

Inquisitor Adept

Master-Class Specializations

These Specializations are empowered version of Specs found in the Inscription Expansion packs. Unlike the Adept versions, these have been strengthened across the board.
5000 Asm (Launch sale: 2500) 


[fcn id=”5157″]

Master Tempus Torn

[fcn id=”5202″]

Master UnWeaver

[fcn id=”4844″]

Master of the Riley Technique

[fcn id=”4826″]

Master World Shaper

Speaker Class Specializations

These are entirely new, ultra-powerful specializations not found in the Inscription Expansion packs. Each one ties directly into the upcoming events and story of the world of Serpent’s Tongue. These will eventually also be available for ‘free’ through Faction Missions and the Mystery Paths.

[fcn id=”4957″]

Chasian Far Caster

[fcn id=”4977″]

Enduring Soul