August 2016 Update


To those who have made offers of help, thank you very much! Really I think the priority is fulfilling any outstanding fire sale orders to Canada and distributing reward packets. I believe we are now down to 1 full order yet to fulfill / refund and some partial orders. Brian flew some sets into country with all his security demonstration gear he packs from one country to the next that allowed us to fulfill or partially fulfill some of the Canadian fire-sale orders. (I’m not going to throw around the term ‘smuggled’ but thats how I picture it in my head.) If you missed the previous updates on the Canadian distribution issue, we invested a hefty percentage of fire-sale funds to freight a pallet of ST up to Canada only to have it returned a month later with a return freight bill attached eating up the final revenue gained from the fire-sale.

This issue was referenced in this update:

and this update:

To that effect, if you have an outstanding ticket for any fire sale orders please just re-submit the ticket at <strong>and please reference the order number and your first and last name in it.</strong> (organizing service tickets half through Magi names and half through real names has actually grown tricky surprisingly. I thought the Keepers would prefer it that way 🙂

A good sample title for your ticket/question is: Canada Fire Sale Order – #111982 John Sanders, the Eye of Cain. Okay you can leave off the eye of cain or other title if you must. If you have issued a ticket before (reminder: tickets are really just a private question in our Q&A system), we ask you to please do it again. Preferably as a continuation of your previous ticket. We have had a small <strong>influx of orders the past month and Christopher will receive several hundred dollars from selling the game he designed (now called Mech Command RTS, published by Bad Crow Games) so now is a good time to try to correct, refund, or subsidize shipping of an outstanding order.  </strong>

Back to the offers of help:

The primary obstacle to fulfilling the few orders that were returned from Canada with more freight owing; distributing the KS reward packets and then moving onto the 3rd priority of distributing the Founder’s Codex, is money. Debt actually, we OWE to our fulfillment centers. Fortunately we finally owe them much less than our current inventory is worth. But they hold the majority of funds that come in from new orders to pay for fulfilling past orders. So we can sell orders, and ship those orders within 24 hours, (with the exception to Canada) but there is no revenue gained from them. Despite that, we are happy to continue to fulfill the game of course, provide support for those orders. Note that orders are fulfilled quickly and efficiently.

But as there is currently no revenue gained from sales, and Christopher’s sale of his 2nd game did not pay off as handsomely as it would have if it had retained the Armored Core IP, we will continue to investigate solutions to obtain alternative sources of cash-flow to complete at least the first and second objectives. (1. any outstanding orders/refunds and 2. distributing KS Reward Packet Envelopes with their exclusive 14 cards, cloth bag, and Founder’s Pin.) Some of the team believe that by accomplishing this, some momentum will be generated to help complete the 3rd and 4th priorities. (3. Founder’s Codex and Avak’Shar  / Reprinted Card distribution system). Followed by priority 5. Out of Eden digital distribution, and 6. Refunds on Spell Compendiums. There is no guarantee of this however. Christopher is currently using his own private funds to the degree that he can to continue to fulfill commitments.  While this general situation has been explained in multiple updates in various ways so far, we wanted to provide another bi-annual update on the situation.
If you have a suggestion for help or an idea we are very happy to listen!

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  1. R. Medina

    I think some very loyal fans (myself included) would be interested in donations and supporting you guys. This is an amazing Idea, and I would LOVE to see it happen. Perhaps a Patreon would help get things moving again?


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