Answer for Order Status

Excellent thank you for confirming. That was pretty fast once they finally shipped it, I’m glad. You have a third package coming from our headquarters as well as part of the Magi’s Bundle. Sounds like Ingram Spark is a bit slow on the print on demand then. This is the...

Answer for Order Status

Got my order except for the book, but the printer says about 7 days and they will ship. Thank you. It was super fast shipping. 

Answer for Order Status

Hello Void,  Yes I am working on your order 🙂 I already ordered a print of the Magi’s Handbook to be sent directly to you via IngramSpark. We just re-negotiated our contract with EFS, confirmation just this morning so our distribution system is back up. I was not aware of...

Answer for Order Status

Maybe some info may help , sorry.   July 10, 2017 UnBound Games LLC –negative $160.97 Pay After Delivery We’ve already paid the seller, and the money will come out of your bank account on July 24, 2017. Paid with Pay After Delivery Wells Fargo x-9574 Your backup is VISA x-0136 Transaction ID...

Order Status

Hi, just checking in. I orders some stuff on the 10th of July 2017. Just making sure you got the order. Most parts of the website are a bit ragged and not working.   Thanks 

entering avak-shar

REDEEM YOUR AVAK’SHAR [avakshar-redeem-form target=”avakshar-update-area”] You have [avakshar-current-points] Avak’Shar   Where am I supposed to put in my codes?  … it’s been five years, surely this is a transitory bug. 

I will pay for my shipping again.

I will pay for the cost of shipping my fire sale order again. I know this has been tough… but as a high paying Kickstarter backer, can you at least do this one thing for me? It has been causing ME anxiety for almost 2 years now. Here is my...

No news on my order, no news on my refund.

I’ve been charged since 12 OCT 2016 for the order coming up to 109.40USD and there has been no news, no updates to this. I don’t have the order info as your website decidedly deletes all my details, and now you still owe me products or refund. Kindly reply to...