Open your Magi’s Chest – Claim your Legacy of Power

All Magi should begin their magickal training here! This new players guide includes a story-based Walkthrough-Tutorial, Quick Start Rules, a Reference Manual and an extensive Glossary. Includes all of the changes from the Crucible Update.

Honor & Authority. The political clout within Magi Society. Use it to gain access to your Factions repository of Incantations and Objects of Power.  

New Specials!


The New Expansion Pack Bundle – $15.95

4 Expansion Packs with Free or Reduced Shipping to Anywhere in the world! 52 additional cards without going ‘all-in’ on an Archive Case. Click here.


The Magi’s Bundle – $75.00

Includes a Magi’s Chest, ($55) an Expansion 4-Pack Bundle, ($15.95) a beautifully printed version of the 116 pg. Magi’s Handbook,($11.95) a cloth Bag of Shadows + 500 Bonus Avak’Shar! Click here.


The Master Archive Bundle – $79

For returning Magi looking to seriously expand their collection. Includes a full Archive Case with 390 cards. (30 Avak’Shar Code Cards averaging 4500 Avak’Shar.) Plus the Magi’s Handbook, a cloth bag of shadows + 1000 Bonus Avak’Shar distributed immediately.



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Updates:   Magi’s Nexus Launched!

1st Update on the new website!  What is the Magis Nexus? Its the site we envisioned during kickstarter that would include extensive functionality and tools to support the Serpents Tongue community.  We still have a lot to incorporate over the next 6 months but here’s a look at some of the new features. READ MORE….